Date Wheel Calculator with FlowServe Logo
4 1/4" Date Wheel Calculator with 2 colour imprint

High Quality Date Wheel Calculators

Any custom imprint on our Award Design®  white gloss vinyl plastic Wheel Calculators.   The Date Wheels are printed onto .020″ plastic.  There is a larger base wheel and then a smaller rotating top wheel on top, which is attached using a brass grommet. The Date Wheels are screen printed and back printing is available in black & white or full color.   

This handy tool is popular with engineer firms and manufacturing plants, pipeline construction firms, or any company involved in logistics of any sort. It makes calculating those delivery dates so much easier for your clients.   The minimum order quantity of custom printed Date Wheels is 250 pieces. Shipping can usually be achieved within two weeks.   Copy changes available in multiples of 125 pieces. 

Date Wheel with Reverse Printing

Full colour date wheel calculator with hooper welding enterprises printed
4 1/4″ Full-Color Date Wheel Calculator

Both the logo and the markings are printed at the same time and a Pantone colour match is okay as are half-tones.  For an additional visual effect, one might consider printing in a reverse colour as is shown on the Hooper Welding Enterprises Ltd. wheel calculators shown above.  The artwork does not have to be very complicated.  Don’t worry about getting the scales right. All we need is the art for the inside of the wheel and it is just dropped onto the template.  For coloured wheels with an image, be sure that the image is at least 300 Dpi else it will not reproduce well and be clear and crisp.

Date Calculators for Pharmaceutical Companies

Full colour date wheel calculator with ipilimumab logo
Full-Colour Date Wheel Calculator 4.24 or 6″ Sizes

The date wheels come in two different sizes.   4 1/4″ and 6″ diameter sizes.  They can be printed in 1 colour or multi-colour.   The single-colour calculators have a glossy finish and the coloured wheels have a matte finish.  On the coloured wheels, you may print on the reverse side in colour also.  White is not considered a colour. The calculator shown above, for Bristol-Myers Squibb uses half-tones for a 3-dimensional effect.

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