Custom Printed Goniometers
Promotional Tools for the Physiotherapy Industry

Goniometers & Folding Rulers

Custom Printed Goniometers

Metrc. Org folding goniometer
Style 1 – 1.5″ x 11.4″ – Folded 6.8″

These hand Goniometers are used in rehabilitation clinics and appreciated by medical practitioners such as physicians, physical & occupational therapists, athletic trainers, chiropractors, nurse practitioners and disability evaluators.   Here are some of the clear stock-shape Goniometers which can be printed with a logo.   

Equilibrum goniometer
Style 2 – 1.75 x 12.25″ – Folded Size 7″

Standard template & increments available.  The scales may at your option be customized if you prefer, and scales are provided to us.  This is because the Gonimometers can be made in any configuration you want.  They are cut and printed at the time of order to your exact specifications. 

Precision orthotics goniometer
Style 3 – 1.75″ x 14.25″ – Folded Size 8″

The Goniometers are screen-printed  76 LPI. on clear co-polyester plastic.    Brass Grommets are used for the pivot points.  Delivery time after proof approval is about 15 working days as standard.  Copy changes are available in multiples of 250 pieces.  The Goniometers come in both .030 and .040 thicknesses.  The minimum order quantity is just 250 pieces.

Gentiva folding goniometer
Style 5 – 3.18 x 13″ – Folded 8.1″

Obviously these Goniometers would be of most benefit to those companies that are selling goods and services to any of the industries mentioned above. 

Large folding ruler
Style 6 – Large – 5″ x 19.875 Folded size 12.5″

Hinged Ruler – Guard Opening Scales

Custom printed hinged guard opening scales rulers
1 7/8 x 20″ – Folded Size 7 1/4″

Hefty Hinged Measuring Devices & RulersRuler – Scale – made from .060 styrene.  This particulare on is  used as a Safety Gauge to measure guard or barrier openings. Screen printing in spot colors directly on to the .060 white styrene. This makes for a long lasting quality promotional tool.  It has a large imprint area with multiple surfaces for printing. A printing template available, as on most of our more complex items.  A back imprint and additional colors are available as optional. Use the standard template and scale or provide your own scale at no extra cost.

It should be noted that white, when used on a clear plastic product, is counted as one colour.

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