Advertising Specialties Distributor

Trigon International is a small privately owned company located in Calgary, Alberta.  It is managed by Mike Leibel – Director of Sales & Marketing.  Mike has many years of experience, having owned Calgary’s largest distributorship which was subsequently sold.

Our customer base consists primarily of medium to large companies who enjoy a close relationship with us.  We make it easy for them to do business with us.

We do not sell or quote to resellers of any type.

Just in Time Delivery

Whether you need your products to arrive in two months or two days, Trigon International Inc.  can often accommodate to your needs.

We can even offer same day shipping on some products.

Depending on the lead time available, products might be sourced from Canada, USA or overseas. It is therefore always best to plan out your marketing needs well in advance of the event date, if there is one. This may result in a substancial savings.


With more than a decade of experience in the field of specialty advertising and product fulfillment, Trigon International Inc. is in a good position to source your requirements quickly. Many of our customers are nationally renowned and we have a good depth of product knowledge.

Our representatives attend industry-held trade events so that we are able to keep abreast of the latest trends. New manufacturers are regularly brought onboard to bring exciting products to your doorstep. Whatever your needs, Trigon International goes the extra mile to accommodate.
Trigon International Inc.

Award Design® is a Trade-mark of Trigon International Inc. This trademark or Word-mark may be discreetly displayed on a few select products which we supply, when appropriate.

The trademark adds value to your product by giving it an identity associated with quality. It is also acts as a feather in your cap, identifying your gifts in an elevated fashion. If you would like to ensure that this identifier is used on select products, enquire at the time of order.

Our partnering with many trusted Brands can leverage the impact of your campaign by associating your organization with trusted and well known household names. This adds “cred” to your own brand, whether you need it or not.

Victorinox, Cross, Parker, Ritter, Bic, Paper Mate, uni-ball, Sharpie, Expo, Waterman, Zoom, ifidelity, Field & Co., Elleven, Slazenger, New Balance, Hunt Valley, High Sierra, Case Logic, Wenger, Kenneth Cole Reaction, Cutter & Buck, Thule, Carhartt, Fine Society, Guess, Alternative, Scripto, Luxe, Balmain, Pedova, Burke, Hampton, Aladdin, Stanley, Zippo, Cool Gear, Happy Nest, BrightTravels, SKRoss, Safety Works, Totes, Game Day, California Innovations, Arctic Zone, Pro Towels, Rox Box, BoomPods, Persona, Urban Peak, Tac Pack, Pelican, Cree, Muskoka Fall, Niagra Curlery, Bollé Safety, Bouton Optical, Hellberg to name a few.

Since we ship internationally, we will sometimes quote in US funds and sometimes in Canadian funds, depending on the point of origin of the manufacturer, your preference, location and other mitigating factors. Unless otherwise specified on our quotation, the default currency will be in Canadian dollars.
The FOB point will be indicated on all of our quotations/order acknowledgments. For orders shipped Collect, the risk of damage during transit lies with the receiver. While we endeavor to make every effort to ensure that your orders arrive intact and on time, Trigon International Inc. cannot be held responsible for delays such as natural disasters or unexpected factory breakdowns.

There are no Refund/Returns accepted on custom printed orders once the Proof has been approved. It is the customers responsibility to check all information on the proof, for accuracy, and all billing/shipping details for errors and omissions. In cases where the customer has foregone a proof due to time constraints, the risk lies solely with the customer. Refunds on blank orders may be considered, upon the approval and on the terms laid out by each manufacturer, along with the accompanying handling charges. Customer to pay all return freight charges, and customs charges if applicable. Product samples are available and are shipped collect on customer courier account.

Cancellations may be accepted on a case by case basis. The customer will be charged for any work in progress expenses and/or reasonable cancellation charges for services rendered.

We may offer attractive terms to qualified accounts. We also may accept Visa or Mastercard as payment on your order.

Trigon International Inc. may collect and utilize information about you for purpose of providing you with service as it relates to my transacting business with you. This information is used exclusively for providing you with better service. Electronic data is securely stored using password verification. By requesting a custom imprinted order, you are acknowledging that you have the authority to use the logos provided on behalf of your firm or customer. The information will be shared only as required to complete the transaction with the manufacturer. The information may also be stored on cloud based information systems designed for administering your account, and for backup purposes using 128-bit SSL encryption: The same technology used by banks secures your data during the backup process. Your private information is never otherwise sold or transferred for any other purpose, unless in accordance with the specific terms of a written agreement with the exception under order of law, or if the company is sold, under the terms of this policy.