High Quality Promotional Buttons

Collectable, Eye-catching Printed Buttons, Fast Delivery

Printed buttons have always been a hot item, partly in due to their low cost, relatively fast delivery and warm acceptance.  For family events and outings, buttons are fun and long lasting.  Who doesn’t remember receiving their very first button.  Who over 65 years of age doesn’t remember when Hertz Rent-a-Car had their “We Try Harder” campaign in about 14 different languages.   That Button campaign was a tremendous success which is still burned into my mind even after all those years! 

Full Colour Round Buttons

Black diamond cheese - round promotional printed buttons in full color
The most popular button shape is round

As on of the larger printed buttons suppliers, we offer numerous poplular sized. Round Buttons – Available in 1″, 1.25″, 1.5″, 1.75″ 2.25″, 3 and 3.5″ diameters. Other buttons sizes may be available on request.

Square or Diamond Shaped Printed Buttons

Icanada, promoting canadian unity diamond/square shped button
Square or Diamond Shaped Buttons

Two popular sizes – 1.5″ or 2″ square – Please specify whether you want your promotional button disign printed square or on the diamond.

Rectangular Printed Promotional Buttons

Earls restaurants, rectangular button
Rectangular Button with Square Corners – Measures 2 x 3″

The majority of our buttons are made in Canada so you are supporting Canadians. (USA made buttons also available for our customers south of the border. Depending on your address we will accomodate accordingly.

Printed buttons with Rounded Corners

Usc high beach batch rectangular button
1 3/4 x 2 3/4″ Rectangular Button with rounded corners

Promotional buttons may be substitued in place of lapel pins. They have a much larger area to print on and are generally considered for special events, sales etc. Low setup charges.

Oval Shaped Buttons

Patented ideas. Oval shaped promotional button
1.75 x 2.75″ Oval shaped Button, Horizontal or Vertical

Other options you may wish to consider are buttons with a bulldog or magnetic clip, (Price on Request). Our buttons can be shipped within 5-10 business days depending on capacity, and are shipped in bulk.

Our buttons can be printed in blazing colour or spot colour designs. Since they are digitally printed you may wish to utilize some extra colours as their is no price difference.

Promotional Buttons are an inexpensive solution to just about any fund raiser,  or where budgets are tight. All our buttons have a glossy lamination and safety pin backing and may be ordered in low quantities of 100 pieces or large runs of over 25,000 pieces.

The History of Printed Promotional Buttons.

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