Calgary Stampede Lapel Pins
Antique Silver Lapel Pin

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Lapel pins by Award Design®

The Calgary Stampede lapel pin featured above is a zinc pin with an antique silver finish.   Our lapel pins are available with a clutch or magnetic backing.  A butterfly clasp comes standard and a rubber clutch or jewelers clutch is also available and are becoming more popular.

For those of you that prefer not to stick your clothing, magnetic pins are available on some pins, depending on what they are made from. The magnets are referred to as strong magnets.  Extra-strong magnets are offered as an option.   Coloured Rhinestones up to 4 mm.  are also optional.  Standard packaging is a poly-bag so please let us know if you require an upgrade.   We have a link at the bottom of this page with some product pricing.  The pricing does not include die charges.

You should allow 4-5 weeks for your pin order whenever possible,  but we may well surprise you with an early delivery.  Some styles can be shipped within two weeks or even one week.  Our Classic custom lapel pins and economy pins are made in Canada.  In addition, the pewter pins also have a faster lead time. The distinctive look of hand brushed pewter and its unique ability to capture detail, lends itself to the creation if intricate designs.

Economy Series Lapel Pins

Prince albert festival of dance lapel pin
Economical Pin – Made in Canada

The “Eco”  pin comes in any two-dimensional shape and comes with a standard military or butterfly clutch.  They are machine polished.  They may be colour filled and come in a variety of finishes. They are most common on higher volume orders

Classic Lapel Pins

10 years service lapel pin
Classic Pins – Made in Canada

The custom “classic” pins are also very popular. They are available with colour fills upon request.  Excellent value and good turnaround times make this pin a situation solver. The Classic lapel pin can be made in a 2-D or 3-D design from antique brass, silver and copper – Shiny Gold, Silver, Copper and also black-plated finishes. The price includes 1 colour and there is no die charge.  A digitally printed insert can be applied under an epoxy dome at extra cost on this product.  Extra lead time is required for the dome.

Soft Enamel Lapel Pins

Rider on motorcycle lapel pin
Soft Enamel Multi-coloured Pin

The design is etched into an iron or brass base and then filled with enamel colours. These are nice looking lapel pins and more economical than the above styles but the minimum order quantity is 300 pieces.  Prices include up to four colours. There is also a die charge.  Available in Shiny Silver, Gold, Copper or Black.

Die Struck Lapel Pins

Dies struck etched lapel pin
Die Struck & Etched Pins

These beautiful and dressed-up lapel pins offer a more sophisticated look and offer sharp detail with polished highlights.  They are available in Gold Silver tone, or Bronze finishes and gemstones.  There are varying qualities of these pins depending on your budget. They may also be colour-filled.

Digitally Printed Lapel Pins

Hatzoloh de montreal  printed lapel pins - emergency medical services, d&w division
Digitally Printed Pins

Offering a quick and economical way to get a full-colour design onto a custom lapel pin.  Custom shapes are available at no extra charge, subject to artwork approval and colour matching or digital printing depending on the subject company logo standards.  The border is typically raised with the decal set in, then optionally covered with a clear epoxy.

Mac linux
Silkscreen & Digitally Printed Lapel Pins

Printed Pins offer a 4 colour process printed on a white epoxy background, providing high definition realism.  Pantone matching is within CMYK standards only.  Optional clear dome might be considered.

Photo Etched Lapel Pins

The turkey club lapel pins
Photo Etched Pins

The photo etched custom lapel pins may be a good choice for multi-coloured designs with fine detail. They have a nice polished look.  The lapel pins are available with epoxy coating as an option. They are however, a thing of the past since the etching process is not very environmentally friendly, and most of the factories have discontinued them as a result.

Hard Enamel Lapel Pins

Simon fraser university alumni - nous sommes prets
Hard Enamel Lapel Pin

A traditional custom lapel pin that has been around for the longest time is the hard enamel pin. A Cloisonné quality pin has a high labour component.  It is said that the colours on the Cloisonné Lapel Pin will last for a generation or more without changing.    It is usual to have one firing between each colour to ensure that the colours do not run.  The Cloisonné lapel pin is the most costly style of lapel pin. Pantone colour matches may not available.  The Cloisonné Lapel Pin also requires the longest lead time.

Again because of the costly and environmentally harmful process required, most manufacturers have switched to an imitation hard enamel.   While the hard enamel colors are limited, the imitation enamels are easier to match to a full spectrum.   The pin is stamped, after which the recesses are filled and then the pin is baked.  Before plating, the lapel pin surface is polished and cleaned so the imitation enamel lapel pins all have a smooth surface. The Imitation Lapel Pin is a good alternative to the Cloisonné, which has tremendous appeal and good detail with colour matching.

Pickering soccer club

PVC Lapel Pins offering brightly coloured PVC with 2D or 3D layering are also getting popular.  The pins are a fun colourful way to differentiate your brand from others.

Stock Shape Lapel Pins – 5 day Production – Made in Canada

Very Affordable with printed and laminated digitally printed hi-resolution label.   The technology is changing toward the more prevalent use of these easily produced and readily available lapel pins which are well suited to today’s colourful logos. Stock Shapes include 1″ Round, 1 x 5/8 rectangle with rounded corners, 1 x 1 Square with rounded corners and 1 x 5/8″ Oval.   Pantone matching within CMYK capacity.  Silver plated.

Digital abstract media inc.
Printed Magnetic Lapel Pins – Stock Shapes

3/8″ Strong magnet on reverse.  Digitally printed.  Optional “Extra” strong magnet.  Comes in 1 x 1/2″ rectangle, 3/4″ square, 7/8 x 9/16″ oval or 7/8″ round sizes.  Just 100 piece minimum.  Small die charge. Made in Canada.

Air canada - bombardier lapel pin
Double-Sided Magnetic Pin

One colour printed logo on each side.  Small setup fee.  250 piece minimum.  Available in Round, Square, Oval and Rectangle.

Gift boxes are available for many many of our custom lapel pins.  Need some help with your lapel pin design?   Our artists are specialists in lapel pin design and are at your service and can work with a concept or drawing, with your order.   You might also consider our Promotional Buttons as an alternative to lapel pins.    

Lapel pin pricing – or contact us for further information.    Contact information is at the bottom of this post.