1-side or 2-sided Printing

Printed Rulers: An often overlooked opportunity

About our Printed Rulers

Printed rulers are inexpensive, lightweight and easily mailed. They have good functionality with a long shelf life. Our plastic rulers can be printed with square corners but are also available in rounded corners for just pennies. These rulers literally never get thrown away, and so get an enormous return on investment.

You may print using either spot colour or full-colour imprints. The production time for our rulers usually is 10 business days after proof approval. This can vary depending on the volume at the time the order is placed. With recent disruptions in the supply chain and staff reductions at the factory level, you should allow 4 weeks.

  • Any measurement scales are available in all sizes – even custom scales
  • We provide free proof by email
  • Copy changes are available with a minimal upcharge, in multiples of 250 pieces
  • Back printing is available
  • Full bleed on all edges is available
  • Acrylic rulers come in 20, 40 and 60 mil thicknesses. In inches, divide that number by 100.

White Printed Rulers

Printed ruler, double-sided, full color featuring presidents of the united states & state capitals

The white plastic Rulers featured here come in the following sizes with square or rounded corners, screen printed on white vinyl. Colour imprints are protected with a coating of clear varnish. Back printing in black is optional, and colour printing is offered on the full-colour rulers, as an option.

Any configuration is provided on request. The standard ruler sizes are 6″, 8″ or 12″ and come in various thicknesses and heights. White rulers are best for applications which require full opacity or are printed on both sides.

Clear Acrylic Plastic Rulers

White plastic printed ruler with full colour printing - canac
Clear Plastic Ruler with Full-Colour Printing on the back

Our custom-printed clear plastic printed rulers are printed on the back and have square or rounded corners in the following standard lengths for purposes of pricing. (Please specify with your enquiry) Some of the standard sizes are as follows, but really, we can do any size or configuration. Most of our vinyl rulers come with full bleed printing capability and exact scale placement for those instances where you require exact measurement from the edge.

For example, one of our customers required a line gauge, which does not have any gaps at the ends. The measurements start at zero, right on the edge of the ruler and move up to the tip of the other end. For that particular application, this was a critical feature.

Some standard sizes of rulers are easily priced and are shown below. It is best to stick with a standard size when possible, because the costs are known.

6 x 1.25″ (Spot Colour Only)
6 x 1.5″
8 x 1.5″
8 x 1.75″ (Full Colour Only)
12 x 1.75″ wide

Custom Lenticular Printed Rulers

Custom printed lenticular ruler
Lenticular Horizontal Flipping Custom Ruler

These custom lenticular rulers measure 2 x 8 1/4″ and are .040 thick, but they are available in any size. It is printed with digital full colour custom 3-D imprint on the front and Black imprint on the back. The minimum order quantity is just 250 pieces (subject to change)

Magnifying Rulers

Clear moulded acrylic printed ruler with a magnifying bar. This ruler is screen-printed in a spot Pantone colour, and comes in 6″ and 8″ or 12″ lengths.

Plastic ruler with magnifying glass - nyda
Magnifying Ruler

We sell just about any type of ruler at Trigon International, including, tape measures. For example, if you are looking for Logbook Rulers, Architectural and Engineering Scales, Beveled styrene with maplewood line-gauges, yardsticks or just about any measuring device that you can imagine, you’ve come to the right place.

It’s not possible to list them all here, and even our advanced search excludes the US manufacturers, so whatever your needs, please give us a call, send us a picture or idea and we can provide a solution.