20 Oz. Sports Bottle with Full Colour Imprint
20 Oz. Sports Bottle with Custom Print

Water Bottles, Printed at Low Cost

A great public relations campaign doesn’t have to be overly costly. We’ve got a great line on select water bottles that won’t break the bank. If you are looking for other alternatives, well we have those also. For starters though, lets’ have a look at our economical value-line water bottles which are flying off the shelf.

The Sports Bottle featured above is a 20 Oz. Sports bottle made from pliable HDPE plastic, with a high-density polypropylene lid. It measures 9.992″ high x 2.84″ diameter. It is a white bottle and comes with translucent coloured lids; Red, purple, clear, smoke, green and blue. They are printed in spot colour or full colour. The spot colours imprint area is 2.5 x 2.5″ front and back and the full colour with Gloss UV clearcoat imprint area is an 8.7″ x 3″ high wrap. The minimum order size is just 100 pieces.

Custom Printed Opaque Water Bottles

These brightly coloured water bottles are made from opaque HDPE and come in teal, red, granite, blue, kelly green, pink and silver. They can be printed with lower cost spot colours on front and back or in vibrant colour with an 8.7″ wrap. Imprint areas are the same as the white bottle.

28 Oz. White Custom Printed Sports Bottles

These 28 Oz. white bike bottles come with your choice of translucent lids which include red, smoke, blue, purple and green. The bottles measure 10″ high and have an imprint area of 2.5″ for spot colours or 8.65 x 4.05″ high for a wrap. They can be crisply printed in spot colours or vibrant full-colour.

28 Oz. Translucent Sports Bottle

Silkscreen Printing Colours

These shapely sports bottles are made from PET plastic and measure 9.646″ high. They come in translucent colours; green, red, purple, blue, clear and smoke and can be printed in white or one standard imprint colour. The imprint area is 2.5″ and cannot be printed with a full wrap.

30 Oz. Water Bottle with Hand Gripper

30 Oz. Water Bottle with Grippers

These generously sized water bottles are 30 Oz. and have a flip-top. They come in translucent colours; smoke, green, red, blue and clear. They are printed in white or one standard colour.

Pair these water bottles with one of our custom printed lunch bags!

Click on the link for many more styles and Canadian MSRP Pricing – shipping is extra.   

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