Wholesale Walking Stick Animal Carving
55" solid Bianbai wood

Walking Sticks & Canes, Laser Engraved

Rustic Walking sticks laser engraved with your company logo. Does it get any better or more creative? These are especially well suited for retreats, summer camps, healing events or growth seminars, but use your imagination. Everyone loves a nice walking stick, and they will be showing it off all over the place. This rather rare and obscure promotional item is sure to be a hit and they are very reasonably priced.  They are ideal for gift shops and national monuments also. 2-3 weeks standard production time after approval of your artwork. 17 lbs per 12 pcs. 50 piece minimum.

55″ Wood Hiking Sticks

The hiking stick featured above is made from solid Bianbai wood and is 1″ in diameter. It has a metal tip on the bottom for better traction on dirt paths, and a removable reinforced rubber tip for use on pave roads. Each walking stick is adorned with a laser engraved animal near the handle, and it comes with a leather wrist strap.  Laser engraved 3-1/2 x 1/2 (inches)with your logo. Minimum order 50 pieces.

50″ or 60″ Wood Hiking Sticks

Smooth walking sticks engraved "lovespring"
Hunangtang Wood Walking Sticks – 50 & 60″ lengths

Made from trees found nearby Guangdong Province, in China. It is a good quality wood, and it is a good sturdy stick for self defence, as well as being pretty. It has a metal tip on bottom for better traction on dirt paths, and a removable reinforced rubber tip for use on pave roads. Wrist strap. 100 piece minimum. 15 lbs per 12 pcs for the 50″ and 19 lbs per 12 pieces for the 60″.

55″ Walking Sticks with Paracord Grip

55" walking stick with paracord grip
55″ Walking Stick – 18 lbs. for 12 pieces.

55″ wood with 12-foot paracord wrapped grip. Paracord pull strength up to 440 lbs. Natural wood with paracord grip wrap in black, dark green or orange.

3-Section Walking Sticks

Collapsible walking stick in vinyl pouch
55″ 3-section stick – Weighs 50 lbs per 48 pcs

Solid Bianbai wood. 3 sections are secured with heavy duty screws. Metal spike on bottom for better traction on dirt paths. Removable metal reinforced rubber tip for use on paved roads. The 3 sections of the stick can be taken apart into 3 short pieces for easy carrying and storage. Wrist strap. Water resistant nylon carrying pouch. Minimum order 50 pieces. Individual nylon pouch.

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