Custom 207 Gel Uni-ball Pens
#207 Uni-Ball Gel Pens

Uni-ball Pens Custom Printed -Promotional Use

Uni-Ball 207 Gel Pen

Uni-ball 207 Gel Pens – Offering 3-Way protection. Protection against water, fading & fraud. Pigment-based “Super Ink” contains particles that form an indelible bond in paper. It is quickly absorbed deeply into paper fibres for archival quality.   If someone tries to “wash” the information written on a check, prescription or other important document, the ink is in effect trapped, making fraudulent amendments nearly impossible. 

You’ll instantly understand why the Uni-ball pen remains the undisputed, preferred choice of the business world. The unparalleled performance of a uni-ball is as smooth and responsive as a high-quality fountain pen, without the mess. The distinctive, contemporary designs have universal business appeal, providing the perfect backdrop for a promotional message that is certain to be well received. And only uni-ball can consistently deliver that reliable, smooth writing experience that draws flocks of stock-pilers to the supply closet whenever the new uni-balls arrive. Think about it – positioning your name on the pen that is the preferred choice of the business world is a very smooth way to promote your organization.

The Uni-ball 207 Gel pen comes in six translucent barrel colours – The refillable ink matches the trim colour.  Black, Red, Blue, Pink, Purple and Orange – all with smoke coloured barrel. It also comes in bright Fashion Coloured barrels – Pink with Black Ink, or Blue, Orange and Red with matching ink. The imprint size is 1.375″x0.5″ on the Barrel (180 Degrees From Clip). Minimum order 200.  One to two-week delivery. They are bulk packaged in a poly-bag with an option of 50-count boxes or individual two-piece gift boxes printed in metallic gold or silver on the lid. Buy them now or put your name in with us to alert you when they come on special, as they sometimes do.

207 Gel Premier uni-ball Pen

Capstone Financial Advisors 207 Custom Uni-Ball Gel Pen
207 Gel Premier

The Gel Premier has sleek, metallic barrel accents and plush comfort grip for an elegant look and effortless writing. Black ink with .7mm medium tip.

207 Gel Impact uni-ball Pen

Custom uni-ball Gel Impact Pens
207 Gel Impact & 207 Gel Impact Retractable Pens

The Uni-ball 207 Gel Impact is a capped pen with a sleek barrel design and modern metallic accents. It comes with 3 ink colours as shown and is printed on the cap, opposite the clip. The minimum order quantity is 100 pieces. It produces thick, vibrant lines while the smooth grip provides added comfort and control. Like most of our uni-ball pens, it also features Uni Super Ink that helps prevent against check and document fraud. This pigment-based ink contains particles that form an indelible bond- it can’t be broken ever. Fade- and water-resistant ink. 1.0 mm point.  5.375″ L.  Screen printed 1.2″x0.77″ opposite clip on cap. One to two-week delivery.

The 207 Gel Impact pen also comes in a retractable pen designated as 207 Gel Impact RT which comes with Black or Blue ink with matching tip.

207 BLX infusion Gel uni-ball Pen

Black Ink with a hint of Colour

The uni-ball 207 BLX infusion gel pen comes in Green, Purple, Red, Black and Blue – all with a black premium grip for superior writing comfort and control. The uni Super Ink protects against water, fading and fraud. Black Ink injected with a hint of its corresponding barrel and retractable cap colour.

Combi – Highlighter/Rollerball Pen

Dual Purpose Rollerball Pen- Highlighter

The uni-ball Combin has a uniquely smooth-writing, neat-highlighting quality feel that you can get only with a uni-ball. Whether you choose the ultra-fine or fine highlighter model, you won’t find a more welcome incentive for any conference, training event or other function you may have. The Ultrafine highlighter only comes with a white barrel and black .4mm writing ink. The Fine highlighters come in white with black or blue ink and the black and gray barrels come in black ink.

The imprint area is 2 x 3/4 on the barrel. The minimum order is 200 pieces.

Deluxe uni-ball Pen

Deluxe Uni-Ball Pen
Fine or Micro Point Styles

The Uni-Ball Deluxe Pen comes in Platinum Grey and Champagne barrels with blue or black ink in your choice of Micro Tip (.3mm) or Fine Tip (.5mm). It will carry your message far into the future with a high style of almost universal appeal – an appeal that’s highly predictable. Who wouldn’t be attracted to a premium quality Mylar finish pen with a durable durable, smooth-writing stainless steel point?

Both the platinum grey and champagne backgrounds decorate beautifully for a custom imprint that leaves long-lasting impressions and smooth-sailing futures.  Non-refillable ink   Waterproof, pigment ink.  The uni-ball Deluxe pen can be customized with a multi-colour imprint 1.5″x0.75″ on the Barrel. Minimum order of 200 pieces.

GEL RT Rollerball Pen

GEL RT Rollerball Pen
Incredibly smooth writing experience

The uni-ball Gel RT Retractable Pen has a comfortable rubber grip combined with superb gel ink technology to help deliver a smooth line suiting your writing style. Get your name on a Gel RT and start getting some attention.  Ink colour matches trim colour. Refillable refill with .4mm line thickness. The uni-ball Gel RT can be customized with a multi-colour imprint 1.5″x0.375″ on Barrel 180 Degrees From Clip. Minimum order of 200 pieces.

Gelstick Rollerball Pen

Gel Stick Rollerball Pen
Economical Fine Styling with multi-colour selection

Dependable & economical gel ink and contemporary styling come together for a neat looking, great writing pen with the uni-ball Gelstick. With a wide array of colours, your company’s logo is sure to be noticed. The uni-ball Gelstick – bringing value to a new level.  Fade proof, waterproof, pigment ink for a permanent mark.

Non-refillable, 0.7mm tungsten carbide ball delivers a 0.4mm line width.   The uni-ball Gelstick can be customized with a one-colour imprint on the barrel or a multi-colour imprint on the cap 1.25″x0.875″ on Barrel or 1″x0.75″ Cap. The minimum order size is 500 pieces with a 1 – 2-week delivery. White or black with black ink, all other ink matches trim. Free Setup on orders of 1000 pieces.

Jetstream Sport Rollerball Pen

Jetstream Sport Pen
Fast Drying Ink – Ideal for persons of Left-Handed abilities

The uni-ball Jetstream Sport retractable Rollerball Pen – What could be better than a cap-free, retractable rollerball? Throw in an extraordinarily smooth write, and you have the Jetstream Sport. The uni-ball Jetstream Sport features a revolutionary hybrid ink formulation that combines the remarkable smoothness of a gel pen with the fast-drying performance & convenience of a retractable ball pen. Hello smoothness, see you later smearing! The pigmented ink is fade-proof, water-proof and guaranteed to last for at least 100 years. Comfortable rubber grip for hours of cramp-free writing.  Translucent black barrels with three trim colours.   Comfortable black rubber grip. Ink colour matches the plunger colour.  Ultra-smooth hybrid ink with 1.0mm tungsten carbide ball delivers a 0.45mm line width. The uni-ball Jetstream Sport can be customized with a multi-colour imprint 1.125″x0.375″ printed 120 Degrees From Clip (More or less at a right angle). White trim has Black ink. Minimum order 200 pieces.

Power Tank RT

Power Tank RT Pen
Writes upside-down!

The uni-ballPower Tank RT Rollerball Pen – When adverse conditions try to hinder your promotional message, look to the uni-ball Power Tank RT Ball Pen! With a pressurized ink supply, the Power Tank RT writes on wet surfaces, in extreme cold and even upside down!

Along with an extraordinarily smooth write, the Power Tank RT also offers a textured grip and sleek design. When the stress is building for your next promotion, get the uni-ball Power Tank RT – IT PERFORMS UNDER PRESSURE!   Three barrel colours with black grips. Ink colour matches the plunger colour.  Refillable, pressurized refill, 1.0mm tungsten carbide ball delivers a 0.4mm line width.  The uni-ball Power Tank RT can be customized with a multi-colour imprint 1.25″x0.25″ Side Of Barrel.  Minimum order of 100 pieces. Black or White barrel with black ink, or blue barrel with blue ink. 1 mm tungsten carbide ball with .4mm line thickness.

Roller uni-ball Pen (Micro)

Uni-ball Roller Pen
ECO – Made from 80% post-consumer recycled electronics

The #1-selling metal point rollerball in America is coming out of its shell. Pearlized finishes on the uni-ball Roller add exciting lustre to this classic favourite. It still provides the same smooth-flowing performance that everyone has come to love, but now it’s dressed up and ready to go out on the town. With a style appropriate for any occasion and a brand name that’s universally respected, you can’t go wrong when you choose the uni-ball Roller for your next promotion.

Fine Point – Black barrel only black or blue line ink leaving .5mm line – Specify FBR
Micro point, Black Barrel with black or blue ink leaving .3mm line – Specify MBR
Micro point, White or blue Barrel with black ink leaving .3mm line – Specify BPR
Micro point, Gray Barrel with black ink leaving .3mm line – Specify MGR

Nonrefillable – The uni-ball Micro and Fine can be customized with a multi-colour imprint, 1.5″x0.75″ on the Barrel.   The minimum order quantity is 200 pieces.

Roller Grip Uni-ball Pen

Roller Grip Pen
Soft Rubber Dimpled Grip

If you consider yourself a master of smooth lines we’ve got an offer you can’t refuse! You’ll get the smoothest lines in existence from uni-ball. But that’s not all – you’ll also get a grip on it! That’s right, all the features you know and love in a uni-ball and a rubberized grip for added comfort and control. The kind of comfort that makes you want to use it again and again. When you promote yourself with the updated uni-ball Grip Fine, you’re not just suave, you’re smooth.  Real Smooth.  Three barrel colours and two ink colours to choose from. 

Non-refillable, 0.7mm tungsten carbide ball delivers a 0.5mm line width.  The uni-ball Grip Fine can be customized with a multi-colour imprint 1.5″x0.75″ on Barrel or 1.375″x0.75″ Cap (180 Degrees From Clip).  Minimum order of 200 pieces.  Black with Black ink or Royal Blue with Blue ink or White with blue or black ink. 

Vision Rollerball Pen

Vision Rollerball Pen
No More Guessing about your ink levels

The uni-ball Vision rollerball pen has a convenient visible ink supply window so you always know how much ink is remaining. Silver barrels with black, blue, purple or green fraud and fade-resistant super-ink with a .5 mm line width.

Vision Elite

Custom Printed Vision Elite Promotional Pens
For Frequent Flyers – Won’t explode or lead due to cabin pressure changes

The uni-ball Vision Elite ballpen – This sharp looking pen will not only change the way you look when you write but also where you can write. The patented design on the Vision Elite prevents ink from leaking during the rapid air pressures that occur on airline flights.

Thanks to the new Vision Elite, when it comes to writing, the sky is no longer the limit.   Ink colour matches trim colour.  Fade proof and waterproof pigment ink. Non-refillable, 0.8mm tungsten carbide ball delivers a 0.6mm line width. The uni-ball Vision Elite can be customized with a multi-colour imprint 1.312″x0.5″ Cap 180 Degrees From the Clip. Silver barrel with Black or Blue inks. The minimum order is 100 pieces. Archival quality acid-free ink that helps to protect against fraud.

Vision Elite Designer Series

Custom Printed Vision Elite Designer Rollerball Pens
Won’t explode or leak due to cabin pressure changes

Elevate your every day with the sophisticated style of the uni-ball Designer Series ball pen at no additional cost. This rollerball pen comes in opaque blue, black pink, gold or silver barrels with .6mm black ink refills. Up to four colour imprint.

New Models out in 2019 (enquire) are:

307 Uni-ball – Won’t skip, even on glossy Surfaces
Signo DX – Strong Tip for those heavy-handed writers
Air – Variable Line Thickness

Click on the link for Canadian MSRP Pricing. Please call us for a quote.   

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