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Canadian Concrete Calculator

Concrete Volume Calculators with sliding scale

Canadian Concrete Calculators

Concrete Volume Calculators printed with a logo is a near necessity for every concrete company yearning to increase customer loyalty. Your customers will will be clamoring to receive one of these Sliding Calculators which will make estimating a breeze.  Walk-in traffic won’t even think twice about tossing down a few bucks for one, and when anyone asks where they got it your name will come up!

 The concrete volume calculators measure 1.8″ x 7.75″ x  10 mil. clear sleeve and have a  20 mil white compressed laminated plastic insert.  The calculators are screen printed  with  two custom spot-colors plus white  or spot colours on the sleeve, and with black and red imprint on the insert.  Bleed edge printing meaning you can print the entire face, since they printed before folding.  They are available in both French and English and in both metric and imperial units for Canada and USA measurements.

The dual scale calculator shown above is printed with one spot colour and has imperial measurements on the front and metric on the back. Our sliding concrete volume calculators  are available in quantities of 250 or more, and additional imprint colours are optional.   Standard production time on the Calculators is 10 to 15 days.  Custom scales also available.

USA Cubic Yards Calculator

American concrete calculator
American Style Concrete Calculator Printed with Spot Colors

Double-sided Concrete Volume Calculators – First side: Imperial measurements with results in Cubic Yards, Second side: Imperial measurements but results in Cubic Meters. The insert is printed both sides in black and red on white compressed laminated plastic. Many options available – English or Spanish versions. Custom designs on quotation.