USB Drive with Stylus
USB Drive with Stylus

Lightning-Fast USB Drives printed with Logo

Trigon International provides a complete range of USB Flash Drives. They come in a near infinite array of designs shapes and colors. For the more adventurous, you may create a custom shape for your ingenious ideas. The are high minimums for these, 1000 pieces or more.  

The memory sticks can be laser etched, silk-screened or domed, depending on the shape and the charachteristics of the imprint that is required. The USB sticks come in many different capacities. The upper limit of this range is ever changing over time, as the technology improves.

As at time of this writing, they come in sizes ranging 256 MB to 32 GB.  The more popular styles come in all capacities and often you can special order what does not.  USB Drives can often be referred to as Memory Sticks or Flash Drives. This can be less accurate because those classes can include SD Cards and the like.

Best Selling Printed Flash Drives

Flash drives & memory sticks
Our best selling USB memory stick

USB Memory Sticks, or Flash Drives, as they are commonly know, are most often quoted at time of order because memory is a commodity which is traded on the open market, just like wheat or pork bellies. The price therefore is changes quickly and so quotes are valid only for a limited time.

Memorey Sticks are an excellent alternative to other commonly used promotional products such as key chains which are still so commonly use today as they have ever been.

Usb memory sticks
Translucent colored USB Drive

Most Flash Drives also come in an assortment of colors.  They are very nice for promotion because lots of people use them and archive their data on them as a  backup or to hand off to friends or family.   They are compact, light weights and consequently economical to ship. As an option, the flash drives can be uploaded with your own data with some limitations. The Flash Drives are shipped in a poly bag or gift box.

Wooden usb memory stick
Wooden USB Memory Stick

Below is another popular format which is great for embellishment with a full color, full bleed imprint for extra benefit and flexibility.

Credit card usb drive
Full Color Imprints now available

If you have a favorite USB stick design in mind, please send us a photo with all the details of your artwork so that we can get a quote out to you promptly. Delivery is reasonable and in line with other promotional products.