Full Color Round Coaster - Leinenhugel's Oktoberfest
1 mm Round Coaster - Full Color Both Sides

Bar Coasters, lightweight cardboard

Our lightweight pressboard bar coasters have round or square corners and measure 3.5″ or 4″ diameter.  These coasters a approximately 1 mm thick. – Our lightweight coaster is one of the thinnest cardboard coasters we offer, but don’t let the thickness of this material fool you.  It is still super absorbent, warp resistant and often reusable. The coasters are an inexpensive and provide a cost-effective means of advertising to get your target market.  They are also great collector’s items.  A well designed coaster can bring in new customers from all around at times.   Many of our coasters are offset printed using 4-colour process, and can be printed on both sides.

Medium Weight Round or Square Coaster 3.5″ or 4″ – Approximately 1.4 mm thick.

Full colour square bar coaster - blue moon beer
Full Color Square Coaster

Heavyweight round or square pressboard bar coasters.  Measure 3.5″ or 4″ –  Approximately 2 mm thick.

Customized full color square bar coaster
Customized Full Color Heavy-weight, Square Coaster

Mega Coaster – A great alternative to stone or cork coasters, our Mega Coaster is the thickest pulp-board coaster around! Approximately 4 mm thick and unique in its own way, the Mega Coaster will without a doubt allow super absorbency, yet keep its extreme durability.

Heineken coaster
Mega-Weight Coaster

Bar coaster - chatwal, new york
Foil Stamped Coasters

Adding foil to your advertising image will bring out extreme elegance to the bar coaster. Enhance your image with a wide selection of foil colors. Available in Light, Medium and Heavy Weight.

Glow in the dark coaster
Glow in the Dark Coasters

Ideal for any event, the glow-in-the-dark bar coaster will undeniably spark a conversation. Available in Light, Medium and Heavy Weight.

Black light coaster - senor frogs
Black Light can be added to any design!

Turn on a black light and these coasters will transform right before you. A fun addition to your next party.

We also sell cold-reveal, and hot-reveal coasters.

Whatever your coaster needs, we can help.  Cut-outs, custom die cuts, Etc. are also available.

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