Full Colour Custom Playing Cards
Full Colour Custom Playing Cards

Custom Printed Playing Cards Best Card Stock – Calgary

Why playing cards?  Custom Printed Playing Cards are very good for developing goodwill and strong bond from your customers.   One box of playing cards goes a long way because it is used by many, over and over again when they have card games during their lunch break!    In this manner, you can leverage your investment multiple times over again.   For this reason, custom printed playing cards are still one of the best bargains out there.

Custom Printed Playing Cards with 1-colour logo printing

Playing cards printed one colour
1 Colour Playing Cards Printed in White Reverse – 200 Piece Minimum

We use 310 gsm stock on all our custom printed playing cards .  It is the highest quality stock available for custom decks.   We also offer Casino Grade Linen and Smooth Finish.  The linen finish has a grainy feel to it and linen is better quality. Linen is a professional quality deck which is opaque.  The smooth finish is supplied unless linen is requested.  For casino grade linen, there is a per/piece upcharge. Our recomended size to order is the Poker Deck. Bridge card decks are not common and the pips do not centre properly.

Playing cards printed in 2 colours
Playing Cards with 2-colour Imprint
Image thumb34

You can have your choice of Poker Sized Playing Cards (2.5 x 3.5”) or Bridge sized Playing Cards (2 1/4” or 3 1/2”) with standard or super-pip.   We can usually ship the poker-sized cards out in 3 weeks.  The bridge-sized cards may take longer depending on where they are in a production run. 

3 colour playing cards
3 Colour Playing Cards

Who else can benefit from the sale of beautifully decorated playing cards?   Affinity Groups: Clubs, churches, Employee Social Clubs  – Feature members photos/Slogan on their own individual Playing Card.  Custom Faces Great for fundraisers.

4 colour custom printed playing cards
Full-Colour Playing Card Deck

Custom faces offer so much potential for advertising.  Please call or email with your request, and include the minimum number of decks needed, or your budget so that we can get a quote out to you.   Image the exposures – 52 cards x 200 decks being played by your customers.  Really, targeted advertising does not get cheaper than that.  How about playing cards with recipes?

Custom playing card faces
Leverage your Investment with Custom Faces
PLAYING CARD PACKAGING – If you want your presentation to be extra impactful, consider our different packaging options for the custom playing cards. 
Packaging options 1
Inexpensive Packaging Options for Playing Cards
Playing card packaging
Executive Packaging for Playing Cards

The Maverick Decks in the photo above feature switchbacks.  That is when you want to do your cards in two different colours.  This is available at a nominal cost.     We have extremely good pricing on orders of 5000 decks or more.   Please inquire.