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Custom Belt Buckles of Outstanding Quality

Our Award Design® custom belt buckles are extremely popular gifts cherished by the recipient for years to come. They are perfect for special events, milestones, safety awards and other special occasions.  We are able to create gorgeous pieces that you will be proud of for years to come.  All buckles come with a 2-dimensional finish unless otherwise requested.  Three-dimensional buckles are available in all styles excepting the printed buckles. Our minimum order for any belt buckle is 25 pieces.

The antique gold belt buckles is featured at the top of this page (Calgary Stampede buckle). It is cast in zinc, which is quite lightweight and relatively easy to work with. Zinc cast and Pewter buckles are economical and are the most readily available. Our Award Design® custom zinc and pewter belt buckles come in almost any practical size or shape. They are typically shipped in a polyethylene bag or if requested, or an ecologically friendly tuck-end window box in buckle sizes up to 4″ wide.

Most price-sensitive buckles are done with a 2-dimensional design, and we can bump that up or down about a 16th of an inch at a very reasonable cost. 3D dies usually run several hundreds of dollars. For those on a tighter budget budget, stick with a 3″ or 4″ buckle. We can help with the artwork on receipt of an order.

Solid Brass Belt Buckles

Keystone xl pipeline alberta spread 2020 solid brass belt buckles
Solid Brass Belt Buckles

This intricately designed belt buckle is cast in solid Brass and is 5 mm thick. The master mold is hand-crafted to achieve incredible and complex detail. They make convincing awards and lifetime mementos.

You should allow 90 days to allow for production due to a complex process.

These solid brass belt buckles are produced using an ancient process which have been adapted, using more modern technologies. ‘The solid brass buckles have stunning clarity and allow for a heftier buckle.

Of course with any buckle, it is only as beautiful as the skill of the artist who has envisioned it. If you have your own in-house artist, and they are very skillful you can have a little control over the graphic style.

This western style die-struck brass buckle has a distinctive look and will stand out as a particularly valuable pice for any buckle collector. These buckles, created by skilled artisans, become instant favorites !

Home grown fun belt buckle

When we are able to determine the scope of your project is determined, and our quotation has been accepted, we can put together a more complex design based on whatever you provide us. These belt buckles typically require far more attention to detail than a zinc-cast buckle.

As with all artists, no two are alike. They all have their own style, so the more you can give us, the less that you leave the style of art, to chance. In any case you will almost always be delighted with the outcome of a custom belt buckle. You should allow ample lead time to ensure that there are no hitches along the way. 60 days is usually a good target and is dependent on the production schedule of the foundry at time of order.

Die Struck Solid Copper, Brass or Steel Buckles

Solid brass belt buckle
Skull & crossbones brass belt buckle

For more notable events and promotions, you will want to elevate your custom belt buckle. Consider a mint grade, die-struck buckle. These prestigious buckles come in 4″, 3 3/8″, 2 3/4″ or 2 1/4″ sizes – in copper, bronze or steel finishes. (Measured by the longest side). There is a number of packaging options for these award buckles depending on your budget. Delivery for these custom belt buckles is 4-6 weeks.

Solid Brass Paperweights & Medallions

Memphis tennessee medallion
1/4″ x 3″ Die Struck Medallion
Die struck medallion in zinc saddle belt buckle - houston texas
Belt Buckle with Medallion Inset

The Memphis medallion shown above weighs a respectable 8.5 ounces and is 1/4″ thick. We can contract artwork for any city in the world and have many already on file. In the right photograph, a thinner medallion was inlaid into a zinc housing.

Numerous presentation options are available which include beautiful presentation boxes wrapped with ribbon or wood encases for those gifts which need to make a lasting impression.

Silverbright Buckles

Hertz equipment belt buckle
Mattamy homes belt buckle

Our Silverbright belt buckles are have a thick coating of “German Silver” laid over zinc. They are heavy and very special feel. They sparkle brilliantly and really stand out.

For the silverbright buckles, it would be best to provide your own artwork but if you don’t have it, we can help with that. There is a fee for conceptual designs on these buckles. I hope that you will challenge us with your creative designs on this product which can take 6-8 weeks to deliver.

Antique Finishes on Pewter & Zinc

Indian head belt buckle
Antique Gold
Award design® antique silver belt buckle - phyto organix
Antique Silver with Colour Fill
Troy junior sportsman copper belt buckle
Antique Copper – 2D
Loyalist jug pewter belt buckle
2D Pewter

Designer belt buckle
Designer Buckle
Howes lubricator pewter belt buckle
3D Pewter

Express Belt Buckle

Fast turnaround belt buckle with silver gold trim and full colour customization
10 days production

The belt buckle shown above can usually ship in about ten days after proof approval but there are very limited quanities left. It isn’t known whether they will be discontinued or not.

Currently there are only about 60 pieces available. The buckle has two-tone plating with rope border and comes with a protective epoxy dome over-top of a full-colour printed design inside of an engraved silver-cut design. It measures 3.25″ W x 2.5″ H.

Please call for pricing. You may also wish to check out our Also check out our Trophy Buckles.

Custom Belt Buckles FAQs

How long does it take to make a custom belt buckle?

Typically at least 3-4 weeks is required for most buckles.

What are the different types of belt buckles called?

We have a large variety of custom belt buckles. They range from western style buckles great for the Calgary Stampede to corporate dress belt buckles.

How do you pick a belt buckle?

This is usually budget and artwork dependent. The bigger companies may want a 3D high relief buckle and may supply their own design, but most smaller companies just want a 2D cast buckle with a limited number of elements. The most common is 2D with an antique finish.

Is there a difference between men’s and women’s western belt buckles?

There is no difference and most custom belt buckles are unisex.