Calgary Stampede Belt Buckles
Antique Gold Belt Buckle

Award Design® Custom Belt Buckles

Our Award Design® custom belt buckles are extremely popular gifts cherished by the recipient for years to come. They are perfect for special events, milestones, safety awards and other special occasions.  We are able to create gorgeous pieces that you will be proud of for years to come.  All buckles come with a 2-dimensional finish unless otherwise requested.  Three-dimensional buckles are available in all styles excepting the printed buckles.

Express Belt Buckle

3-5 Working Days!

The FAST TURN-AROUND Belt buckle shown above can usually ship within 3-5 working days after proof approval. It has a two-tone finish with rope border and comes with a protective epoxy dome over-top of a full-colour printed design inside of an engraved silver-cut design. It measures 3.25″ W x 2.5″ H. The minimum order quantity is 250 pieces, however we can ship as few as 75 pieces by special quotation. (Add 1-day)

Antique Finishes on Pewter & Zinc

Antique Silver
Antique Silver with Colour Fills
Antique Copper
3D – Pewter

The antique gold belt buckles is featured at the top of this page (Calgary Stampede buckle). These buckles are typically well suited for relatively simple designs. Our Award Design® custom zinc and pewter belt buckles come in almost any practical size or shape. They are typically shipped in a polyethylene bag or if requested, a cardboard gift box of some sort.

If your design has a hole, please indicate this on the quotation as it is quoted separately. 3D dies run in the neighborhood of several hundreds of dollars. For those on a tighter budget budget, stick with a 3″ or 4″ buckle. We can help with the artwork on receipt of an order.

Die Struck Bronze or Steel Buckles

Komatsu Mining, Conrail, Cameron LNG, CVS Transportation
Mint Grade – 2-Dimensional Die Struck Belt Buckles

For more notable events and promotions, you will want to elevate your custom belt buckle. Consider a mint grade, die-struck buckle. These prestigious buckles come in 4″, 3 3/8″, 2 3/4″ or 2 1/4″ sizes – in copper, bronze or steel finishes. (Measured by the longest side). There is a number of packaging options, depending on your budget. Delivery is 4-6 weeks.

Western Style Die Struck Bronze Buckles

Oklahoma State Fair Buckle
2D – Cast, Bronze Coated Pewter
Cities of the Nation Belt Buckles
3D – Die Struck Bronze Buckle

Our western style die-struck bronze buckles have a distinctive look and will stand out as a particularly valuable pieces for any buckle collector – and that includes anyone that receives one. They instantly become a collector!

Lost Wax Bronze Belt Buckles

Lost Wax belt buckles are produced using an ancient process which have been adapted, using more modern technologies. Lost wax buckles have stunning clarity and allow for a heftier buckle with lighter weight, since they are not stamped out of a sheet.

Corporate Dress Buckles

Silver or Gold Dress Buckles, with or without belt

If you are looking for a belt which might be more appropriate for office dress, consider a silver or gold plated dress buckle. These attractive belt buckles come with either a 7/8″ round or 1 x 3/4″ rectangular medallion. The belt can be included as a kit. Rectangle: H – 5/8” | W – 1.25” | L – 1  7/8” with a decoration area of 1 x 3/4″. Circle:  H – 5/8”  |  W – 1.25” | L – 1  7/8” – decoration area 7/8″. The optional belt is bonded leather.

Of course with any buckle, it is only as beautiful as the skill of the artist who has envisioned it. If you have your own in-house artist, and they are very skillful you can have a little control over the graphic style. Otherwise we can put together a design based on whatever you provide us. A more costly belt buckle will require far more attention to detail than will a low-cost zinc buckle. As with all artists, no two are alike. They all have their own style, so the more you can give us, the less that you leave the style of art, to chance. In any case you will almost always be delighted with the outcome.

Please call for pricing. You may also wish to check out our Also check out our Trophy Buckles.

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