Promotional Cell Phone Stands with a Massive Printing Area

We came across thse amazing but obscure cell phone stands at a trade show recently and marvelled in its simplicity.  It is shapped very much like a beach chair.  “Why hasn’t someone else come up with this”, I thought.  I have seen dozens of complicated and unattractive designs, most of which did not impress me. It is produced by one of the smaller plastic manufacturers in Canada. They are reputable but lesser knwn than some of the giant promotional product aggregators that gobbling up most of the smaller companies.

These custom cell phone stands however, are made of acrylic, and is perfect for the home or office.   The simply conceived cell phone stand is one of the most beneficial designs available.  The stand measures 6.5″ high x 3″ wide and stands 3 1/4″ deep.

The cell phone stands comes in Clear, Black, White or Gray.  It has the largest imprint area of them all. and anything printed on the back of a transparent substrate can really make an image pop. Especially when over-printed on the front to give it that 3-dimensional look. It ships dissassembled for lower shipping costs.

It may be digitally printed or silk-screened.   The nice thing about digital printing is that it can be printed from “raster art”. For example, from a .jpg, .gif or png file, so long as the resolution is over 300 dpi at the same size or later than the product. High-Resolution Raster Art over 600 dpi is recommended for best detail. and these days almost every photo is high resolution anyway.    It has two rubber bumpers on the ledge to hold pretty much any sized phone in place.

Beach Chair Shaped Cell Phone Stands

Marilyn munro cell phone stands
Clear, Black, White or Gray Cell Phone Stands

The clear easel is generally printed on the back. You can do some very nice graphic effects and artistic things with this product in its many variations, with a little creativity.   Framing for example.   Two-sided printing is typically reserved for the opaque plastic colours.    Delivery time is under two weeks after proof approval.

The cell phone holder is printed both above and below the edge.  The design is unique.  I just had to have one the minute I saw it, and appreciate its utility every day, and so will your customers! The stand is rugged and available in quantities of 50 or more at an affordable price point. It is one of the more interesting but incredibly simple office products I’ve seen in a long while.

Finally, I think there is something to be said about the benefits of having your advertising message displayed to your important contacts, first thing in the morning when they wake up, last thing at night when they go to bed, and throughout each and every day of the year?

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