Nugget in Lucite Discplay
Nugget in Lucite with Dramatic Base

3D Awards – Embedments in Plastic

It has never been simpler to create a promotional item as impressive and unique as a custom 3D Award o trophy. Whether it’s made of Acrylic, Lucite, Plexiglass, crystal, wood, aluminum, natural or moulded stone, or a clever mixture of these materials, your trophy will be manufactured with advanced technology while respecting your budget and your delivery time expectations. Our exceptional service and creative solutions are available to our distributors all over the world.

A personalized trophy: the promotional item that becomes a source of pride!

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Enhance your award in multiple places with conventional silkscreen, laser engraving, or the latest digital printing technology. Get in touch with our account managers for more information.  Each standard size item comes individually poly-bagged and boxed for delivery. We can also customize the packaging, such as gift-wrapping or a special box for your 3D Award.  Just send us your details and we’ll get the ball rolling.

3d lucite embedments
3D Lucite Embedments

Lucite is a clear and translucent material with a hard and smooth surface that can be shaped into different forms. It is the only material in which an object can be embedded allowing for great flexibility when it comes to designing an award. Lucite is 98% recyclable, making it one of our favourites!

Lucite® is a brand name of Lucite International, part of Mitsubishi Rayon Group. It is now commonly used to describe acrylic-based material. In the industry, it is also synonymous with acrylic embedment.

3 dimensional crystal mementos
3 Dimensional Crystal Mementos

Crystal and glass products are the most sought-after non-Lucite trophies in the market. They display beautiful clarity, and their heavier mass makes a great impression on the recipient. Crystal is perfect for a 3-D Award Etching and pieces in standard shapes.

3 dimensional wood awards
Dimensional Wood Accents

Wood is a hard, fibrous substance that can be used for standard and custom shaped 3D award products. Manufacturing a wood piece takes true craftsmanship but it is a fun and unique way to commemorate an event. Wood is a 100% natural material that allows several finishes for the surfaces and colours.

3d aluminum recognition awards
3D Aluminum Castings

Metal is an extremely strong material, requiring a wide range of tools and techniques to achieve the desired aesthetic. We offer a variety of metals for your 3D awards, including aluminum, steel and brass. You can also mix materials and use a metal base with a crystal plaque which gives a very sophisticated look to your award.

Stone is a great material to incorporate when adding substance to a gift. Whether the stone is used as the base or the entire piece, the finished  3D Award product never fails to impress with its modern and chic look. Granite is a durable material that adds weight to the trophy.

Decorating Methods

  • Acetate – Your text or artwork is printed on acetate, which is then embedded inside the acrylic 3D Awards. Once embedded, the film almost disappears and the artwork seems to be floating within the deal toy.
  • Airbrush – Airbrush is the process of painting a surface with compressed air. This technique creates a uniform surface without brush marks.
  • Frosted Print – This is a printing method that can only be used on hard flat surface. This digital direct print will give the same look that a sandblast method would.
  • Embedment – is the process of placing an object inside an acrylic piece. The object is placed in a dense liquid acrylic and then cooks inside a  specialized pressure oven. Once this process is over, the object seems to be floating inside the award.
  • 3-D Laser Engraving = Used on crystal only, this method is used to create an artwork in 3D within the crystal piece.
  • Transparent Film – A digitally printed film that can be embedded in Lucite trophies. As opposed to acetate printing, digital print is used to print several colours.
  • Digital Transfer – Digitally printed on adhesive vinyl, used to add print on a flat or curved surface.
  • Direct Print – Direct printing is used on flat hard pieces such as wood, acrylic, aluminum etc. It is used for most printing projects with standard colours.
  • Sandblasting – Sandblasting is used under high pressure on a hard surface area. The end result is a frosted look effect on the surface of the piece.
  • Screen Printing –  is used to print special types of ink colours that a standard digital printer cannot create. It is used on the outside surface area of the product. This technique cannot be used on curved awards.

Does this sound a little overwhelming to you?  Don’t worry,  just send us your project details, including a budget,  in writing, along with photos of anything relevant to your project and we will take care of the rest in three easy steps.


  1. Warehousing and staggered deliveries are often problematic and costly for you. Warehousing services are available on this product, to store your items that are part of a program and to ship them at the right time.  Include your requirements in the project outline.
  2. We ship to more than 50 countries with an estimated Freight, Customs, Taxes and Duties charges. Trust us with your project… and your worries!
  3. Drop shipments? No problem! Let us take care of this responsibility!
  4. Need our help in setting up artwork? We have you covered. We can recreate your logo and add other design elements or text, so no worries! Contact us to start your project!
  5. You may wish that a personalized message, a greeting card or a business card accompany your trophy. Tell us and we will fulfill your wishes!
  6. Do you lack inspiration or do not know what materials to use for your trophy?  We are here for you!  Put our designers to the challenge!
  7. Have you thought about how the recipients will carry their trophies after the awards ceremony?  How about a velvet pouch or a company-branded carrying bag for the return home! We will take care of it!
  8. You can’t wait to see your trophy?  As soon as it is produced and ready to ship, we will send you a 360° image by email so you can immediately discover your masterpiece on all its facets! This service is especially useful for samples and when you are shipping your trophies directly to your customers.
  9. Is your 3D Award trophy part of a multiple gift package? Let us help you by putting everything together!  One less thing to worry about!

Call or Email us today to get started. Also, have a look at our Trophy Cups.