Wooden Nickels
Wooden Nickels

20 Amazing Printed Wooden Nickels ideas

Wooden Nickels are a throwback to the “olden days” when some entrepreneur got this bright idea to create a loveable and endearing keepsake for promotional use.   a circular object giving its owner a gentle reminder to get done.  Everything that would have otherwise been put off until later when they got around to it –  Hop “to it”!  Now they have a much broader usage – drink tokens or souvenirs for example.

The wooden nickels are produced en mass these days.  An inexpensive, compact, multi-purpose give-away which can be printed with the stock logos shown and/or your own custom design in any colour.  Standard imprint colours available with no extra charge are Black, Red, Lt. Blue, Med. Blue, Dk. Blue, Lt. Green, Med. Green, Dk. Green, Brown, Purple, Teal, Orange, and Maroon.

The Wooden Nickels measure 1.5” and are 1/8” thick.    The minimum order is 1000 pieces but that should not break the bank, considering their low cost.  The imprint area is 1-1/8″ Diameter.  It should be noted that the consistency and quality of the imprint can not be absolutely guaranteed due to the print method & the natural absorption in the end grain of the raw wood.  I haven’t noticed too many inconsistencies though. Because of this, the typeset copy must be 10pt. or larger. The factory will not be responsible for coverage of detailed or large coverage logos & small type.

Wooden nickel stock art
Stock Art for Wooden Nickels & Plastic Tokens

Alternative to Wooden Nickels

Manny's beach club - wooden nickel
Plastic Token with Spot Printing

As an alternative to the Wooden Nickel, we can also do Plastic Nickels.  They are more than double the price but they do offer full-colour printing and numerous base colours as shown above.     The same stock art can be printed on 1 11/16” plastic tokens of various colours, using spot colours or full-colour digital printing.  They are slightly more costly, however.  The use of these wooden nickels and plastic tokens are limited only by your imagination!  They make great collectors pieces too, for sure.

Plastic token - jack daniels grill - fridays special
Plastic Token with Colour Digital Printing

If you are considering a promotion utilizing this product, please call or Email, for quotation. Also see our post under Poker Chips, Tokens & Round Tuits.

Wooden Nickel proves to be a priceless heirloom.