Visor Organizers

Constructed of Biodegradable 12 oz Cotton Canvas, this Visor Organizer is a necessity for every driver and I wouldn’t be without one. While it isn’t the most glamorous of products,   I have transferred my Visor Organizer from vehicle to vehicle for twenty years!  I love my Visor Organizer. Talk about low cost advertising!

While you might think that  the Visor Organizer just suitable for Auto Repair Shops and Gas Stations, there are hundreds of situations when you might want a driver to be thinking about you when they mount their trusty steed and reach for their sunglasses, pens, maps or pink cards.   How will this product fit into your business? The shelf life of this Visor Organizer is incredible and translates to just pennies a year.  It also has a sizable 2.5 x 2” imprint area.  Fits most vehicles.

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