Unique & Unusual Laser Engraved Wooden Business Card Holders

The problem I see with many of the business card holders these days is that they are made of aluminum and don’t seem to wear well, very often denting or disfiguring on the first use.  Here is a selection of Wooden Business Card Holders that not only look great but perform  well too.  Sorted by price, the minimum order is 50 pieces.  The wooden business card holders may be laser engraved for a more permanent look and come in a tuck-end cardboard gift box.  Minimum Order quantities are 50 pieces of any style.

#DUAYC-DDZYV (below) – Rosewood Business Card Holder with Silver Trim; Flip Open, Rosewood, Business Card Keeper, Card Holder, Rectangle, 3 3/4″ L x 2 3/8″ W x 5/16″ H. Laser engraved.

#RUZPH-DDZYQ  (Below) Rosewood Business Card Holders with Silver Trim.

Wood Business Card Cases

#RSGWH-BSASO (Below) – Hand Crafted Wooden Business Card Case with Rosewood Finish.
Wood Business Card Cases

#DSGWJ-BSASQ (As below, Not Shown) Hand Crafted Wooden Business Card Case with Walnut Finish.

Wood Business Card Case

#XSGWI-BSASP (Below) Hand Crafted Wooden Business Card Case with Maple Finish

Wood Business Card Case

#CUZQF-DDZYE – Wooden Business Card Case in Maple, Walnut or Rosewood or Bamboo.

Wooden Business Card Cases

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