Take-a-Penny Trays Calgary

Did you ever wonder why those Take-a-Penny Trays are so popular today? It’s because businesses everywhere would love to have their advertising in a high traffic area for all to see.  Quit wasting your business cards by dropping them off in the car wash.  Instead, give the proprietor a  take-a-penny tray so that your business will be front and centre at all times, and quite probably trigger a few extra sales of your product.  The  #FNDVD-CZWLW Take-a-Penny, leave-a-penny Tray is handy & useful and includes double-sided tape. It can be used for local merchants, radio stations and advertising at checkout counters. They also make great paper clip holders for your customers who are tired of trying to “Shake the Dickens” out of their usual magnetic Paper Clip Holder.  You can be the hero that will make their life just that much easier.

The Take-a-Penny Trays come in Black, White, Blue, Green, Red, or Yellow and have a respectable  3 1/2″x1 1/8″ imprint area.

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