Screwdrivers Pointers & Hex Bits

Remember that custom imprinted Screwdriver that your Dad used to carry around in his shirt pocket pen guard?  I sure do, and today Trigon International is offering up these low cost Screwdrivers for you to offer to your clients, in the family tradition.  We have access to just about any combination of Screwdriver or Hex Bit Drivers you can imagine, and all for a very reasonable cost. The Screwdrivers are available with an optional  plastic Safety Tip.

We have standard blade configurations, with magnetic or button tops. There are Screwdrivers with removable double end drivers, valve stem drivers, mirrors, files, Pointers, and many more too numerous to mention.  We also handle a number of other larger Screwdrivers, Tools, and Tool Kits so be sure to ask.

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