Custom Printed Balloons, Calgary
Custom Balloons printed in 1 or 2 Colours

Promotional Balloons, Custom Printed

100% bidodegradable
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On sustainability – Our balloons are NOT one-use plastic. They are made of natural latex, which is the milky sap from a rubber tree.  Demand for latex ensures that the rubber tree will continue to be forested, since there is an economic incentive for planting new rubber tree after their 35 year life span.  The process is similar to maple syrup collection. The sap is delivered to the manurfacturer in raw liquid form.    When you purchase promotional balloons, you are supporting reforestation of the rubber tree.

Promotional Balloons Balloons

Our high quality promotional balloons are made in North America of 100% natural, biodegradable latex.  The benefit of this is less breakage and longer float times.  Approximately 18 to 24 hours for the 11″ balloon.  Qualatex latex balloons are tested through the entire production process to ensure quality control, including strength and colour consistency.  There is  a wide aray of  colours; about 75 in total.    In addition to our standard colour selection, we have Jewel Colours, Fashion Colours, Radiant Pearl Colours, Pastel Pearl Colours, Super Agate Colours, Neon, and Metallic.

For mixed colour orders, the minimum is 250 pieces per switch.  Print colours other than black and white require a custom ink blend fee.  It is best to choose a pairing colour that can use the same colour imprint.  The standard delivery time is two weeks, three weeks for two colour imprint, however, a 48-hour turnaround is possible on the one-colour imprinted balloons, provided that you already have properly formatted vector art.   Our balloon sizes are as follows:
1-colour imprint – 9″, 11″,  16″, 36″ Giant – There is also a 17″ Outdoor display balloon which is engineered for outdoor use.  The thick-wall design provides a flying time of 35 – 50 hours depending on atmospheric conditions.
Custom printed balloons
1-Colour and 2-Colour Custom Balloons

Other possible costs to consider when ordering your balloons:

  • One-time Screen charge – Per colour
  • Machine Setup per order
  • Optional Photo Print Fee
  • Second Side Imprint Run charge – same design
  • Second Side Imprint charge – different design
  • Pantone ink colour matching if required
  • Art charges if vector art not provided

Superagate balloons
Custom Superagate® Balloons

Super Agate Balloons

Giant Indoor Promotional Balloons

Our 36″ latex balloons float 3-5 days filled with helium.   They require 15 cu. ft. of helium per balloon.

Giant Outdoor Custom Balloons

These Choroprene Balloons are manufactured to professional standards materials designed to retard the sun’s ultraviolet rays, while the slender neck makes inflation easy.  These durable balloons will float for four to 18 days depending on conditions and come in 4′, 5 1/2′ and 8′ round sizes.

Promotional balloons calgary
We do not handle any helium to fill your promotional balloons, however, we do sell the electric air inflator pumps and regulators, balloon shine, and other accessories.   We found this handy helium calculator that you might like to try.

Promotional Balloon Accessories

Don’t forget to order your accessories.  You can order 100 lots of sticks & Cups or Balloon Saddles for Air-filled balloons, or Quickie Ties /Balloon seal with Ribbons for helium filled balloons.  We also sell 500-yard spools of balloon ribbon in many colours.

Sticks n cups
Balloon Sticks & Cups for 9 and 11″ balloons
Balloon saddles for small balloons
Balloon Saddles for 9 & 11″ Helium Filled Balloons
Quickie ties
Quickie Ties for 11″ Helium Balloons
Balloon seal with ribbon
Balloon Seal with Ribbon
Balloon ribbon
500 Yard Spools of Balloon Ribbon

Custom Printed Balloons bring you incredible visibility, are fun-filled, and when used at community sponsorship event offers a hands-on public participation level which is hard to beat.   Many national firms spend millions to put ads up in the hockey arena.   You can get that same kind of exposure at your local level for just pennies per exposure!  Call us up today to get your order moving.

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