printed architectural and engineering rules styrene & maplewood
12" Triangular Architectural Rule in Styrene Plastic

High Quality Printed Styrene Rulers

Arechitects and Engineers printed styrene rulers – Still in use today daily by thousands in the construction industry.  The Wood Rulers are lasting advertising tools that promote goodwill and generate more business.

For all businesses:  12″ Inches & Metric double bevel with plastic laminated scales on the front side. Front scales: Inches in 16ths & Metric in millimetres. Backside: Fraction to Decimal to Metric conversion chart. Imprint in one colour. Double Bevel, Inch Scale, Inch In 1/16, Metric Scale, Millimeter, Fraction, Decimal, Conversion Chart, Maple Wood Frame, Plastic Scale Wall. Imprint area  12″x1/2″ (3 Lines Maximum).

Printed Styrene Rulers with Large Logo

12" double bevelled printed styrene rulers
12″ Imperial + Metric 2 bevelled Printed Styrene Rulers

For building Contractors, Fencing Contractors, Telephone Companies, Paving Companies, Real Estate Developers, Asphalt Contractors, Highway & Road Builders, Pipe and Sewer Contractors and Utility Companies.  Double Numbered,  4 Bevel Civil Engineering Ruler  (6″). Maple frame wood ruler with four double numbered plastic scale walls. Price includes a clear vinyl ruler case. Front scales: 10ths-10ths & 40ths-20ths Back scales: 50ths-25ths & 30ths-60ths. Imprint area 6″x7/16″.  Civil Engineering, Double Numbered, 4 Bevel, Plastic Scale Wall, Maple Wood Frame, Front Scale, Scale #4C, Scale #10A, Back Scale, Scale #9A, Scale #11A, Vinyl Case, Plastic Case, Rectangle.

Civil Engineers Rulers

Ricky l. Brown inc. Plastic & maplewood  ruler
6″ Double Bevelled Civil Engineering Printed Styrene Rulers

Used by Roofing Contractors, General Contractors, Steel Erectors, Plumbing Contractors, Window Manufacturers, Air Conditioning Contractors, Masonry Contractors, Cabinet Makers, Patio & Deck Builders, Decorating Contractors, Carpenters, Lumber Yards, Acoustical Contractors, Flooring Contractors, Cooler/Freezer Repair Contractors.  Architectural double bevel wood ruler with plastic laminated scales on the front side and imprinted scales on the flat wooden back. Front scales: 1/8″-1/4″ & 1/2″-1″ Back scales: 3/8″-3/4″ & 1 1/2″-3″. Imprint area 6″x7/16″ (3 Lines Maximum). Double Bevel, Scale, Plastic Scale Wall, Maple Wood Frame, Reduction Scale #5, Reduction Scale #6, Reduction Scale #17, Reduction Scale #18, Rectangle, Architectural, A Scale Ruler Group.

Architects Rulers

Plastic ruler with wood inset
Double Bevel Architectural Ruler

We also carry a full complement of Architectural & Civil Engineering Triangular Rulers made from white, high impact styrene with coloured engraved graduation and colour coded centre striped, as well as brass scale rulers, on light maple wood or dark walnut wood.  In addition, we have the Civil 4 bevel plastic ruler in all white ABS plastics, Optical Rulers, Ruler Sets and Graphic Arts Rulers.   Call us for all your ruler inquiries.