Vented Low Temperature Hard HatLinesman
Jetstream Pro - Meets and Exceeds ANSI/ISEA Z89.1-2009 Standard for Type II, Class E for Reverse Donning and Lower Temperatures

Printed Hard Hats, Vented Wheel Ratchet

JSP Linesman Helmet Hard Hats
Wheel Ratchet Adjustment

MK8 Evelotion Bottom View
Wheel Ratchet Adjustment 

The Jetstream Pro Lineman printed hard hats featured above sets the bar for the safety of your workers. It meets and exceeds ANSI/ISEA Z89.1-2009 Standard for Type II, Class E and offers side impact protection. This reduces the force of impact resulting from a blow. It also protects against side and crown penetration protection. The expanded polystyrene (EPS) impact liner helps absorb the forces of impact. It incorporates a high-density polyethylene (HDPE) shell, a polyester textile-strap suspension with microfiber crown-pad webbing, as well as universal accessory-slots. The wheel-ratchet adjustment allows a user to easily adjust fit while wearing the helmet. Meets ANSI requirement for reverse donning and lower temperatures. Due to its higher cost, we have reduced the minimum order quantity on this item to just 5 pieces.

“Fort McMurray” Jetstream Printed Hard Hats

Evolution Deluxe 6151 Printed Hard Hats
Meets ANSI/ISEA Z89.1-2009 standard for Type I, Class E uses.
Meets ANSI requirement for Reverse Donning and Lower Temperature

This popular hard hat is made from a high-density polyethylene (HDPE) shell. It is designed with raised channels which provide additional strength. Note the extended back for extra protection. It incorporates a 6-point suspension system, and a wide polyester-textile-webbing harness. The unique “3D Adjustment System” provides a precise helmet fit using harness depth settings. The convenient wheel ratchet is easy to use and creates a firm comfortable fit. Other features include a Chamlon™ sweatband and universal slots which fit various accessories. The helmets are packed ready-to-wear with no assembly required. Red, White, Green, Yellow and Blue. Also available in High visibility colours and vented hard hat. The minimum order for printed Jetstream Hard Hats is 12 pieces.

“Calgary” Rooster’s Comb” Printed Hard Hats

Slip Ratchet Classic Printed Hard Hats
Meets ANSI/ISEA Z89.1 and CSA Z94.1 Standards for Type 1, Class E uses

Lightweight and economical, The “Calgary” shell is made with UV stabilized High Density Polyethylene (HDPE). Its unique “3D-adjustment” provides a precise fit using harness depth settings. The low-nape strap provides a secure fit. Universal accessory-slots accommodate a variety of eye, face and hearing protection products. The Easy-adjust slip-ratchet adjustment system, with thumb and index finger-points provides easy size-adjustments. 4-Point suspension system. The Calgary Hard Hats come in Blue, Red, Yellow, Green, White or High-visibility Safety Orange. The come with a slip-strap as shown or a wheel ratchet in classic or full-brim styles. The minimum order quantity for printed Calgary Hard Hats is 18 pieces.

“Leduc” Mohawk Style Hard Hats

Pin-Lock Harness
Wheel Lock Harness

The Leduc Mohawk-style Hard Hat meets ANSI/ISEA Z89.1 Type 1 and CSA Z94.1 Type 1 requirements. It also fulfills Class E Electrical Insulation requirements. It comes in Red, White, Royal blue, Green, Gray, Yellow and high-visibility Orange or Yellow (Lime-Green), with your choice of Wheel-lock or Pin-lock harness. It also comes in a vented style in either Yellow, White or Blue.

Its lightweight shell is made with UV-stabilized high-density polyethylene (HDPE) which can reduce worker fatigue. It has a 4-point quick-release suspension with strong textile-straps. The crown comfort-pad provides a comfortable and secure fit. Precise height adjustment settings ensure that the hard hat sits at the proper depth The low-nape strap provides a secure fit, keeping the hard hat atop the head, even when workers are looking down or bending over. It incorporates a non-chaffing, replaceable foam-sweatband for maximum sweat absorption The shell has a rain trough for extra convenience in adverse weather conditions. Universal accessory slots accommodate a variety of eye, face and hearing protection products. Made in Canada. The minimum order for the printed Leduc Hard Hats is 18 pieces.

Full Brimmed Hard Hats

Calgary Hi-Vis Full Brimmed Hard Hat
with Wheel Ratchet
Full Brimmed Printed Hard Hats
Leduc Full Brimmed Hard Hat with Locking Wheel
Fort McMurray Jetstream Full Brimmed Hard Hat
Fort McMurray Hi-Vis Cap with One-Touch Strap

Our Full-brimmed hard hats, most popular for use in outdoor or other environments with wet or windy weather elements come in an impressive array of colours, styles and harness configurations. They are also offered in high-visibility colours – typically orange and yellow (Lime Green), and vented models. The specifications and minimum order quantities are commensurate with the base models shown above, which will be confirmed at time of order.

We can also ship blank hard hats if that is your preference. Please contact our office for all your hard hat needs. We also have a good selection of Bump Caps for situations not requiring ANSI-compliant head protection.

6-point One-Touch Suspension System
Camlon or Nylon Sweatbands
Locking Wheel

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