Paper Cubes – Note Pads, Printed with Logo

Paper Cubes promote your brand or deliver your message from all sides.  They are a popular gift which is well received and useful.  The Note cubes come in several different sizes with a full colour or multi-colour imprint.  You may feature one message on all sides, or optionally different messages on adjacent sides.  Another good option is to incorporate a step and repeat pattern so that your logo is always visible as the paper cube is reduced in size.  The Notepad cubes  are made in Canada.

Square full colour paper cubes notepads  on skid
Full Sized Paper Cubes

The Note Cubes come in four basic sizes: 3 1/4″, 3.5″, 3.75″ and 4″ and each of these configurations is further subdivided into full size cubes, half size cubes, 3rd sized cubes and quarter sized cubes. This gives you lots of options. Other options include single or multi-colour printing, full colour printing pen hole and a miniature wooden pallet stand.

Notepad paper cubes with drilled pen hole
Single Colour Paper Cubes with Palet & Pen Hole


The Cubed Notepads come shrink wrapped and are available with optional single sheet printing. It should be noted that the glued side sometimes has a small colour variation from the other sides.

The Paper Cubes come in many different sizes, to fit most needs and budgets. Be sure to check out our 3M Post-it® Custom Printed Notes Cubes. I don’t need to tell you that 3M is a trusted brand the world over.

3M offers many different options which may not be available from our Canadian sources. These options may include:

  • Full-Color Printing!
  • Printing on ALL 5 SIDES!
  • Vivid, photo-quality images available on all 4 sides.
  • Side print with or without sheet printing.
  • White paper only on all quantities.
  • Personalization of your cube by quotation! As at 2022 the cost of this is 10% to cube price plus. (Full-colour printed orders only) $10.00 per name – call for quote.
  • Print a different message or graphic on each sheet with changeable copy.
  • Print up to four different alternating designs on sheets.
  • Recycled paper available – call for pricing (recycled paper not available on 3 3/8 Sq. or 3 3/8 x 1″ cubes).
  • Mini-pallets available
  • Full-color stock art
  • Post-it® Note Adhesive
  • Ruled Sheets

Some orders may require a minimium order quanity of 500 pieces.

Click on the link for Budgetary Pricing or contact us for a quote.