Mouse Pads, Promotional Customized with Logo

There are four basic types of mouse pads — fabric surface, hard surface, window, and note paper. Fabric mouse pads, such as our Origin’L Fabric® and SoftTouch® have a soft polyester surface.

Hard surface mouse pads like our Vynex®, ReTreads®, BarelyThere™, and Peel&Place® pads have a textured polymer surface. Window/Photo pads offer the same sturdy construction as hard surface pads, with the addition of a window for inserting personal items such as photos. Note paper mouse pads are built with sheets of note paper that are coated with a patented mousing texture.

As mouse pad design tends to change over time, please call us for latest information.   Don’t get too overwhelmed by the whole selection process.  We have samples available to make your decision easy.

Price Point – Low to Highest Most Popular
Fabric 7 1/2 x 8 x 1/8” Original Fabric
Hard Surface 7 1/2 x 8 x 1/8” Vynex Heavy Duty
Window 7 1/2 x 8 x 1/16” Frame-It Flex H.D.
Note Paper 12 Sheet Mouse Paper Calendar


Heavy Duty Vynex® Mouse Pads are the Top-of-the-Line choice.

  • Most popular hard surface pad
  • Highest perceived value
  • Durable for long life
  • Best for fine detail and color matching
  • Brilliant image protected under a durable textured surface
  • 1/16″, 1/8″, & 3/16″

Optionally, our Lightweight synthetic rubber mouse pads create an economical alternative to Heavy Duty.

  • 55% lighter than Heavy Duty – reduces product and shipping cost
  • Latex Free – great for hospital and other healthcare promotions
  • Brilliant image detail protected under durable textured surface
  • 1/16″ & 1/8″


.015″, .020″, 1/16″, 3/32″, 1/8″, & 3/16″


  • 6″x8″
  • 7″x8″
  • 7.5″x8″
  • 7.5″ Round
  • 8″ Round
  • 7″x9″
  • 7.5″x8.5″
  • 8″x9″ (Window)
  • 8″x9.5″

More Stock Shapes are available. Custom shapes and sizes welcomed.

ReTreads® – Eco-Friendly mouse pads, built on 100% post-consumer recycled tire rubber.

Mouse Pads

  • Go GREEN without extra cost –Same price as 1/8″ Heavy Duty Vynex®
  • Great for auto-related promotions
  • Ask about adding the Recycle or ReTreads® logo
  • Brilliant image detail & vivid color
  • (3/32″)

Barely There – Ultra-Thin format mouse pads.

  • Our lowest priced hard surface pad
  • Great for mailings and inserts
  • Compact – you can take more with you to events or trade shows
  • Great for laptops – easily slips between keyboard and screen
  • LATEX-FREE – great for healthcare projects
  • Thickness: .020″

Peel & Place Mouse Pads – Our special lo-tac repositionable adhesive keeps your promotion in place.

  • Lightweight and economical
  • Great for mailings and inserts
  • LATEX-FREE – great for healthcare promotions
  • Thickness: .015”

Peel&Place® uses our special removable & repositionable low-tac adhesive to keep your promotion in its place. (.015″)

Frame-It Flex – Users add photographs and useful information to this mouse pad changing it into a personal keepsake. This makes the promotion more valuable to the user and more effective for you.

  • Simply, the most effective mouse pad we make!
  • Best selling window pad
  • Excellent print quality
  • Great promotion even if just used as a picture frame

Mouse Pads Calgary

Business Card Window:

  • FREE option for Frame-It FLEX® and LIFT®
  • 2″x3.5″ size, simply add to art
  • Tell customers exactly who to call
  • Another level of personalization for your project
  • Great for personal sales markets like real estate, insurance, banking, consulting, and more…

Stock Inserts:

  • No set-up charges
  • 2-sided calendar for Frame-It FLEX® and LIFT®

Custom Inserts:

  • We can print them for you
  • Great for product specifications, coupons & special offers, greeting cards, customer letters, calendars, mission statements, training & reference materials, subscription & renewal cards, and more…

Permanent Inserts:

  • All the benefits of a custom insert but permanently printed under the window

Custom Window Shapes & Placement:

  • FREE option for Frame-It FLEX® and LIFT®

Clear-Top Printing:

  • Classy watermark effect visible over insert
  • Subtle and unique reinforcement of branding
  • Can also be done in transparent 4-Color Process

Frame-It Basic Mouse Pad – Customers keep your promotion close at hand and in sight for a long time when they add personal content and reference info.  Card Slot along top edge.

Mouse Pads Calgary

  • Easy – few options
  • The original classic window pad
  • Basic design with the window in the center holding a 4″x6″ insert
  • Customer’s attachment to personal content keeps promotion in view

Frame-It Lift Mouse Pad

  • Our largest window – room for more insert types and sizes
  • Inserts are placed by lifting up the clear surface of the mouse pad
  • Stock calendar inserts available
  • Print header, footer, or all around the window

Mouse Pads Calgary

Mouse Paper – Your message is printed on each sheet, giving you the full impact of both a mouse pad and a note pad.

  • ECO-FRIENDLY – built with recycled paper
  • Your promotion is refreshed with each new page
  • Great promotion even if just used as a note pad
  • 24 or 40 Sheet pads 7 1/4” x 8.5”

MousePaper®pages contain 30% post-consumer recycled paper with a patented mousing texture. Backing is 100% post-consumer recycled paperboard with non-slip texture.

Backing is 100% post-consumer paperboard with non-skid backing.


  • 7.25″x8.5″
  • Custom sheet counts available
  • Custom sizes not available
  • Pages contain 30% post-consumer recycled paper.

Mouse Paper Calendar – The promotional horsepower of a mouse pad, note pad, and calendar. Tailor your multi-page promotion to capture business for months! Mouse Pads Calgary

  • ECO-FRIENDLY – built with recycled paper
  • Begin your calendar on any month
  • Great promotion even if just used as a calendar or note pad
  • Highlight special dates and events throughout the year
  • Build a custom calendar or use one of our FREE stock themes
  • Use as a wall calendar with built-in hang tab
  • Insert coupons between months
  • 12, 18, & 24 sheets for calendars


What “Basic Black” is to fashion, Origin’L Fabric® is to mouse pads – a reliable performer good for any occasion.  For Value conscious buyers we can substitute Imported Fabric instead of the domestic fabric material. Please specify.

Mouse Pads Calgary

  • Most economical pad
  • Most popular product
  • Industry standard fabric surface
  • Soft surface for comfort and superior mousing
  • Best performer with optical mice
  • Brilliant imprint permanently dyed into pad – won’t crack or peel
  • Great for laptops – travels well

Soft Touch Mouse Pads – If you have ever picked up a fresh, ripe peach, you’re already familiar with this pad’s plush surface.

  • Plush, luxurious feel
  • Affordable upgrade from standard fabric
  • Gamer’s choice
  • Soft surface for comfort and superior mousing
  • Best performer with optical mice
  • Brilliant imprint permanently dyed into pad – won’t crack or peel
  • Great for laptops – travels well

Mouse Pads


Heavy Duty Rubber is a durable natural open cell rubber base material for all of our fabric mouse pads.

Mouse Pads Calgary


1/16″, 1/8″, 3/16″, & 1/4″


  • 6″x8″
  • 7″x8″
  • 7.5″x8″
  • 7.5″ Round
  • 8″ Round
  • 7″x9″
  • 7.5″x8.5″
  • 8″x9.5″

More Stock Shapes are available.  Custom shapes and sizes welcomed.

Mouse Pads Calgary

Art Specifications:

Art must be output-ready digital files and should conform to the art specs found on our Art Check List. Changes made after production begins will incur additional charges.

Sm@rt Codes: Art for all of our products conform to Sm@rt Artwork Readiness Guidelines 4C (300ppi or vector art as 4-Color process) or 4S (300ppi or vector art defined as Pantone® spot color).

Art Services: Any time art must be created or modified, art services will be billed.

Copyrights: Customers warrant that all images supplied for reproduction, whether digital, conventional or otherwise, are unencumbered by copyright and other usage rights connected to the image(s) and agree to hold harmless and indemnify DIGISPEC® for all claims and expenses for any actions in law that may result from the use of these images.

0.Color Target: Send samples of printing or items to match for color when your order is placed. We can’t match your target if we can’t see it!

Color Conversion: Colors should be defined as either spot or CMYK (4-Color Process). All spot colors will be matched to the Pantone® COATED color guide. Converting spot or RGB colors to CMYK will change the appearance of the color, sometimes dramatically.

Special Inks – Offset Lithography: COATED Pantone® (PMS) colors are stocked. Specialty ink colors PMS 871 Gold, 876 Copper, and 877 Silver are also stocked. Special order inks, such as metallic and fluorescent, are available for $45/v per color. Ink is matched to COATED Pantone® colors but ink color is not guaranteed to be an exact match. When color matching is critical, always order a production proof.

Special Inks – Sublimation: COATED Pantone® (PMS) colors are stocked. Within the limits of sublimation, precise matching of PMS colors is not always possible. Metallic and fluorescent colors are not available for sublimation pads. When the sublimation process is used to print screens or half-tones of spot (PMS) colors, the half-tone does not always reproduce as expected or as you might experience in standard offset printing. For example, a 25% screen of PMS 186 does not print as light red but turns bright pink. When possible, select a second PMS color that matches the desired screen or half-tone. When color matching is critical, always order a production proof.

Our Printing Processes

Offset Lithography: All images submitted for hard surface mouse pads are printed as submitted. Image resolution should be set at 300ppi – remember that effective image resolution is decreased when an image is enlarged in a layout program; so, images should be 300ppi at 100% size in the final document. While standard offset reproduces color and detail very well, the product surface can sometimes alter the color and appearance of the printed image. When color is critical, we always recommend a surface proof or a production proof.

Dye Sublimation: Sublimation is a specialized process that prints special heat activated inks on an advanced “transfer” paper. Heat and pressure are applied to the transfer, causing the ink to turn into a gas dye, which then sublimates into the fabric. Once the image is transferred, it is permanent and washable. This heat activated ink transfer process produces a 100% to 400% dot gain, which impacts all reversed or “knocked out” art. When reversed elements are too small, the dot gain may fill in the reversed area or eliminate it completely. For this reason, we recommend all reversed type be set to bold. Serif fonts such as Times should be set at 18 point or greater and sans serif fonts like Helvetica should be set at 12 point or greater. All reversed lines should be 1.5 points or greater. Image resolution should be 300ppi. During the sublimation printing process, a color target is used as a reference only. The sublimation process is designed to produce a “pleasing” representation – not an exact match – of the original. Some color variation from a color target is normal and expected. Any time color is critical, we recommend a production proof.

Registration: The nature of our manufacturing processes limit registration of the print to the product’s edges to ±1/16″.

Borders: When art includes a border or other art element that runs parallel to the mouse pad’s edges, the naked eye can distinguish slight variations in print positioning. For this reason, we do not recommend the use of a border.

Separations, Files, Plates, & Dies: All separations, digital files, plates, and dies created by DIGISPEC® remain factory property. Our storage policy is to keep these materials on file for 24 months. After 24 months, reorders are treated as new jobs and require new art and set-ups. Original art is returned on request.

Original Size: All mouse pads are initially cut to ordered size. However, since the mouse pads have a natural rubber base and the sublimation process uses high heat and pressure, the dimensions of the final product may vary from ordered size. This shrinkage and/or growth is a normal and expected effect of the sublimation process.

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