Square Mousepad with Full Color Printing
Advertising "real estate" at its finest

Promotional Mouse Pads printed in Full Colour

At Trigon International, we encourage our cutomers to think of  their mouse pads as artful, amazing works of art.   It is true that for many purposes, a simple logo and catchphrase can be perfectly adequate, we invite you to consider, with a little imagination how you can easily transform your mouse pad into a showpiece.

We have taken the time to study all the available options and our staff is well versed to be able to walk you through the process.  All of the mouse pads featured in this article are produced by the leading mouse pad manufacturing plant based in the United States.   They have the most options and very high standards and literally ship millions of mousepads every year to all over the world.

These mouse pads are price on request. We do however if you prefer, also offer pricing on mousepads shipped from reputable Canadian sources at the end of this article.  We also offer a number of mouse pads which are not featured at all, so inquire if that is the case.

Since this is quite a lenghthy article, you may prefer to jump directly to the price list on our Canadian offerings.   

You don’t need to over-think the proces or get too overwhelmed by the whole selection process.  You probably have one in mind that you already love and would like to offer a similar product in your next promotion.

There are four basic types of mouse pads in order of price for lowest to highest.  They are fabric surface, hard surface, window, and note paper.   Let’s go through them all.

Mouse Pads with Hard Surface

Hard surface mouse pads
Most Popular – 7.5 x 8 x 1/8″

The heavy duty mouse pad is the top of the line product.  They are the most popular hard surface pad we sell and have the highest perceived value.  They are durable, for long life and have the best image quality.   The brilliant image is protected under a durable textured surface.  They are made in 1/16, 1/8 and 3/16″ thicknesses, typically in quantites of 100 and up.

The Duratech lightweight synthetic rubber mouse pad is an economical alternative to the heavy duty pads.  They are 55% lighter which reduces shipping costs. Since they are Latex free, they are especially well suited for hospitals and other healthcare institutions.  Still, the image is brilliantly detailed and protected under a durable textured surface.   The Duratech pads come in 1/16 and 1/8″ thicknesses in numerous sizes, stock shapes and custom sizes.

Eco Mouse Pads – 100% post-consumer
recycled tire rubber

California academy of sciences - chameleon
Stunning Visualization

Go green without any extra cost.  The are about the same price as 1/8″ heavy-duty hard-surface mouse pads and offer brilliant image detail in vivid colour.  They  are well suited to auto-related promotions or environmental causes.   Ask about adding the Recycle or ReTreads® logo.  They are 3/32″ thick.  Some variation in pad thickness is normal and expected.

Ultra-Thin Hard Surface Mouse Pads

Utra-thin hard-surface mouse pads
Ultra-thin Hard-Surface Mouse Pads

The ultra-thin hard-surface Mouse Pad is our lowest priced hard-surface pad.  It is great for mailings and inserts and it is compact.  You can take more of them with you to events or trade shows.   They are well suited for portable applications such as laptops since they easily slip between the keyboard and screen.  They are latex free and are just .020″ thick which is 1/3 less than credit card thickness.

Peel & Place Ultra-Thin Hard-Surface Mouse Pads

A special low-tac repositionable adhesive keeps your mouse pad in place.  They are lightweight and economical, and so great for mailings, inserts and trade shows.   Latex free and only .015″ thick.   Half the thickness of a credit card.

Mouse Pads with Windows or Lift Sheets

Mouse pads with windows & lift sheets
Heavy Duty or Duratech Materials

Hard surface mouse pad with lifting window

Recipients add their own photographs or reference material to these mouse pads changing them into a memorable personal keepsake. That  leverages the usefulness making it more valuable to the user and more effective for you.  It is simply, the most effective mouse pad we make and our best selling window mouse pad.  This is a super promotional product even if just used as a picture frame.  Your customers will love it!

For the photo-frames, inserts are placed into a pocket created between the rubber backing and surface. The pocket is designed to accommodate a single insert sheet. Inserts enter from the right side. Another option would be to add a business card window so that your sales force can insert their business card.   When placement, a vertical or horizontal window size may be used, however consider that a 3/4″ minimum glue area is required on all closed edges.

Other options you might consider to make your amazing mouse-pad even more spectacular and useful might be to have your mousepad shipped with…

  • Stock insert template – 2-year double sided calendar insert
  • Custom cardstock inserts – for product specifications, coupons & special offers, greeting cards, customer letters, calendars, mission statements, training & reference materials, subscription & renewal cards, and more. Printing in full colour below the photo-frame.
  • Semi-transparent low-density top printing – for example a classy watermark effect visible over the insert or a subtle logo or image.  This can also be done in transparent 4-Color Process.

Paper Mouse Pads

Paper mouse pads
Specially Coated Paper designed for optical mouse (Mouse Paper)

Unlike some paper mouse-pads, our “Mouse Paper” contains 30% post-consumer recycled paper with a patented mousing texture. Your message is printed on each sheet, giving you the full impact of both a mouse pad and a note pad.  It is an ideal promotional gift, even if just used as a note pad.  The paper mouse pads come in 24 or 40 Sheet pads and measure 7 1/4” x 8.5”.  Custom sheet counts are available on request.

Mouse Pads with Custom Calendar

Packs the promotional horsepower of a mouse pad, not pad and calendar.  Tailor your multi-oage calendar promotion to capture business for months.

Nothern contract sales writing pad with calendar
Many Themes and Layouts available

Eco friendly made from recycled paper.  Begin your calendar on any month.  Highlight special dates and events specific to your business.  Build your own custom calendar or use one of our FREE stock themes.  (a custom calendar generally requires the expertise of an experienced graphic design artist, depending on complexity).   May be used as a wall calendar with built-in hang tab.  Insert coupons between months.   12, 18, & 24 sheets for calendars.

Mouse Pads with Fabric Surface

A reliable performer good for any occasion created for value-conscious buyers.  The fabric moue pad is our most economical and popular mouse pad.   It has a soft surface for comfort and superior mousing.   It offers the best performance when used with an optical mouse.  The graphic is brilliant and permanently dyed into the pad. It will not crack or peel.  Great for laptops and travels well.

Antimicrobial fabric mouse pads
Round, Square or Rectangular – Varying thicknesses

A heavy-duty rubber base is used for all fabric mouse pads featured here.  It is a durable natural open cell rubber and comes in 1/16, 1/8, or 1/4″ thickness.

More Stock Shapes are available.  Custom shapes and sizes welcomed.

Mouse pads calgary

All mouse pads are initially cut to ordered size, however, since mouse pads have a natural rubber base and the sublimation process uses high heat and pressure, the dimensions of the final product may vary somewhat. This shrinkage and/or growth is a normal and expected effect of the sublimation process.

For very complex designs, flourescent inks etc., please have your graphics person contact us for artwork requirements which may vary from product to product.

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