JournalBooks TimePlanners Calendars and Journals–Calgary

When build upon quality, success will always follow.  That’s why JournalBooks is a perfect fit for you and for us.  The market is flooded with products of dubious origin, quality and longevity.   JournalBooks works overtime ensuring that their workplace, workforce and products adhere to the highest standards of safety and construction.

JournalBooks and JournalBook TimePlanners are printed on recycled, FSC-certified paper.  Most of the paperboard covers are recycled papers mounted on 100% recycled paperboard.  This ensures that you are helping to ensure responsible forest management when aligning yourself with JournalBooks.

JournalBooks TimePlanners Calendars and Journals

Nothing is impossible where JournalBooks is concerned.  In addition to the hundreds of “Off the Shelf” possibilities, their are thousands of customizing options available to you.  If you have an idea, they will put it into action promptly and without fanfare.  They’re inspiring and unique designs will make you look incredibly creative and cutting edge.

JournalBooks TimePlanners Calendars and Journals

As JournalBooks are created masterpieces, there is no end to the limitless possibilities.  JournalBook Day Planners and Journals incorporate a large selection of covers notably

  • Classic Covers – Great Value and numerous recycled options
  • Prestige Covers  – Rich Paperboards and vibrant poly’s, many of which are recycled
  • Deluxe Covers – Specialty Paperboards and soft flex vinyl’s
  • Premium Covers – Premium leathers, recycled leathers and luxurious Milano
  • Aluminum Covers – Durable and memorable, with a selection of modern colours

JournalBooks TimePlanners Calendars and Journals

JournalBooks TimePlanners Calendars and Journals

Utilizing an exciting array of impression styles ensures that your presentation will be unique amongst others. JournalBooks infamous Build-A-Book philosophy will ensure that your product reflects your vision for the future.

We at Trigon welcome that investment and will work diligently in putting your ideas into a stunning piece that will reflect well on your company’s image and reputation.

The WindowPad is an excellent choice for featuring new products and innovations.

JournalBooks TimePlanners Calendars and Journals

JournalBooks Journals and Day Planners come in many different popular sizes.  There will almost assuredly be an option for you at any reasonable price point  so don’t be scared away if you are on a tight budget.

Journal books Build-a-Book offers many options including but not limited to wire colours closures, book markers, elastic snaps, penholders and rulers.

There is also a good selection of reasonably priced packaging options such as glassine envelopes, tuck-end or two-piece  gift boxes, corrugated mailers or custom packaging.

From Pocket Planners and Note Jotters JournalBooks Day Planners and Journals make a clear statement with multi-colour foils, full colour page inserts, transparent covers and de-bossing/embossing techniques.  If you can envision it, let Trigon International and JournalBooks put your vision into action!

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