Helicopter Toys for Kids Events flies up to 75’ High!

Flying Toy Helicopters – Rubber Band Powered Foam Toy Helicopters – give them a spin and you message soars up to the sky.   If you are looking for a really unique, fun and exciting promotional toy for kids, try one of these Flying Toy Helicopters!  They are super fun at any public event and care available on minimum orders of just 250 pieces.  Affordable price point.

Free set-up is included for the first colour except where coverage exceeds 25%.  The Toy Helicopters have a nominal dimension of 12.5” x 1” (Includes stick) and have a generous imprint area of 11 3/8” x 5 1/8”.  The Propeller style Toy Helicopters are made of foam and are printed on one side only.  Normal production time is 10 working days on small orders or 15 working days on orders of 1000 and up.

Foam Helicopters

#DMAUD-HWFNU – Spinning Propeller Style Toy Helicopter in the shape of a butterfly.

#RMAUB-HWFNS (Below) – HAWK-1  Police HelicopterToy Helicopter great for fund raising incentives.  These copters will pay for themselves many times over.

Toy Helicopter

#EMAVI-HWFNP – Rescue Helicopter – This toy helicopter is perfect for public awareness campaigns promoting and fund raising for survival groups.

Toy Helicopter

#KMAVJ-HWFNQ – Military Helicopter – Toy Helicopter suitable for the Canadian Army or US Army for  recruitment incentives or public relations campaigns.

Toy Helicopter

Typical printing template and operating instructions for  the Elastic Band Powered, Foam Helicopters

Toy Helicopters

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