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Breathtaking, Remarkable Hand Painted Glass Ornaments

Hand Painted Glass Ornaments are becoming one of the most sought after collectable items in use for business promotions. These beautiful works of art are highly valued because each piece is meticulously created by a skilled artist creating a one of a kind piece. Using the centuries-old tradition of paiting on the inside of the mouth-blown glass or crystal ornaments an array of exquisite miniatures of landscapes, still life, portraits and calligraphy delights domestic and international collectors. Many believe that the auspicious nature of the ornaments can bring good luck to their families.

Hand-blown Hand Painted Glass Ornaments Collectors Set

Set of 12 hand painted glass ornaments
Glass Ornament Sets

This beautiful Gift Box contains twelve delicate and unique designs. The artists are so skilled they are able to hand paint the inside of each bulb through a small opening in the top of the ornament. They use a specially designed L-shaped brush and paint complex designs in multiple passes, first painting the outline and then layering-in each subsequent colour, until the picture is completed. While each unit appears the same because of the disciplined approach of the layering, each bulb is actually a unique facimile of the original. The artists are trained for years to master the skill.

Glass Ornaments for Zoos and Preservation Societies

Hand-blown hand painted glass ornaments set with animals
Hand-blown Hand Painted Glass Ornaments depicting wildlife
Minimum Order Size is 500 pieces

Each of our hand-painted glass ornaments comes in a protective and decorative gift box, with a satin lining, in either red, blue or green. This will keep the highly appreciated keepsake safe for years to come, until they are ready to be displayed for special occassions. Mounting stands are also available should you wish to display your ornament bottom-up on a more permanent, less seasonal manner.

Gift boxes for hand-blown hand painted glass ornaments in blue, green and red
Red, Blue or Green Gift Boxes Included

Hand-Painted Christmas Ornaments

Hand-blown hand painted glass christmas ornaments
Hand Crafted Christmas Ornaments

For businesses wishing special occasion gifts for safety awards, retirement or seasonal events, these glass ornaments are perfect for the occassion.

Fairy Tale themed Glass Ornaments

Hand-blown hand painted glass ornaments with fairy tale theme
Hand-blown Hand Painted Glass Ornaments with Fairy Tale theme

The possibilities are endless. A collections such as Fairy Tales would be ideal for public libraries, schools and institutions of higher learning. Consider sets depicting Santa Clause, angels, snowmen, birds, flowers, insects, landscape, landmark buildings etc. Any custom design is possible.

Branding your Glass Ornament

Official gold seal - tsar, imperial
Glass Ornament with Official Seal
Official seal, award design® registered trademark of trigon internatioinal inc.
Trigon International – Registered Trademark

Personalize your hand-painted glass ornaments with your offical seal or substitute our own registered trademark “Award Design®” to create added value on a partially generic product. Please allow 5-6 weeks for production after approval of sample. All ornaments by quotation – please submit concept via email using link at the bottom of this page.