Custom Printed Drink Cups
Custom Printed Drinking Cups

Drinking Cups – Custom printed – Plastic – Paper

Trigon International Inc. is the distributor of Award Design® reusable plastic Drinking Cups.  These cups are truly unique and of one of our most creatively impressive products.

Clear Collectors Cups

The Hi-Definition, full-colour printing onto the clear plastic allows one to add incredible visual impact with vibrant translucent colours and dynamic effects created by mixing opaque and transparent areas.  Below are some examples of incredible graphics printed on our clear plastic cups. Discover why successful companies trust their brand to us.

Custom Printed Clear Plastic Cups
Clear Plastic Cups

You control, through your art, which areas of the plastic cup are clear, translucent, and opaque. With all of this visual flexibility, you can easily create a powerful first impression.  Also, since this cup clearly has the look and feel of a durable, reusable cup, you generate additional exposure when the plastic cup is taken home and used over and over again.  You may wish to add value to your presentation by including a small souvenir, incentive or premium inside of each cup, or simply use the plastic cup for serving beverages.


Everyone would rather be Awesome than Ordinary!  Our Award Design® Plastic Collectors Cups give you a visual edge with the full impact of photo-quality images, vivid colour and crisp detail.   The cups are top-shelf, dishwasher safe and carry a manufacturer’s guarantee of satisfaction.


  • Coloured Rims
  • White Ink – Can be printed to create white text or opaque areas n the art.  This unique capability enables you to incorporate opaque, translucent and clear areas creating a truly unique presentation on your plastic cup.
  • The manufacturing process requires the bottom 1/2” of the clear cup to be printed in white behind the art.
  • The Bottom of the plastic cup is always white.
  • Order quantities range from one thousand to 1 million pieces

White Collectors Cups

White plastic cups deliver a powerful 1-2 punch. First, when received, the Hi-Definition, full-colour print creates a memorable first impression. The white plastic Collectors cup’s durability and impressive graphics give your prospects a reason to take the cups home generating additional exposure when they reuse the cup over & over again.  Our number one plastic drinking  cups are built with 20 mils thick polypropylene that will not shatter or crack like lesser plastic cups. Showcase Your Brand, Not Just Your Logo™, and deliver a powerful 1-2 punch with your next promotion.

Award Design® Wholesale Plastic Collectors Cups

For White Plastic Drinking Cups, the order quantities can be as low as 125 in the smaller sizes to over 1 million pieces for just pennies a cup.

The plastic cups are tested by Specialized Technology Resources, Inc. to ensure that they conform to applicable safety standards such as Prop 65 and CPSIA.

These optional thermo-formed lids are designed to complement the cup without clashing with the print. Lids are shipped in sleeves of 100 and cases of 1,000. Other lid types are available for large quantity orders.

Reusable Lids are recommended for the Reusable White and reusable clear Plastic Cups. They’re reusable, just like the plastic cups, and they come with or without a straw slot. Custom colours are available with a minimum order of 200,000 and a 6 week lead time.

Award Design® Wholesale Plastic Stadium Collectors Cups

Disposable Thermo-formed lids are designed to complement the cup without clashing with the print. Lids are shipped in sleeves of 100 and cases of 1,000. Other lid types are available for large quantity orders.  Please indicate if you require straws as well.

Wholesale Plastic Award Design® Collectors Cups

Free stock background art images are available  Any artwork modifications are subject to charge.  Orders are subject to a 10% overrun or 5% under-run, so this should be considered when placing your order.

Who uses our premium brand Award Design® Plastic Drinking Cups?

  1. Special Promotions Serving alcohol for product awareness, events and new product announcements
  2. Public and Private Events: Grand Openings, Trade Shows and Conventions, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Family Reunions, Picnics, Weddings, Retirements, Milestones.
  3. Entertainment: Television and Radio, Golf, Boating, Tourism, Vacation, Concerts, Recreation, Motion Picture, Newspaper, Sports
  4. Food Service: Fast Food, Restaurants, Health Food, Snack Food, Packaging
  5. Beverage: Coffee, Soft Drink, Convenience Store, Sports Drink, Water
  6. Professional: Real Estate, Insurance, Banking, Legal, Health & Hospital, Financial
  7. Retail-Wholesale: Brand Loyalty, New Locations
  8. Services: Online, Hospitality, Travel, Catering, Transportation, advertising, Education
  9. Sports: Game Promotions, Team Photo/Stats, Training Camps, Award Ceremonies, Alumni Events, Athlete/Team Promotions, Team Sponsors, Team Schedules
  10. Packaging: Coin Banks, Product Packaging, Food Promotions, Deli Containers, Ice Cream Cups, Promotional kits, Popcorn Tubs.
Collector Cup Sizes
Collector Cup Sizes

We also distribute the highest quality Paper hot and cold drinking cups and food containers.  Don’t worry about the artwork, just do it flat and we can convert it to conform to the cup and provide you with a proof.

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