Decals, Labels & Stickers

Trigon International has one of the most diverse and cost effective Promotional Printers and in particular of Decals, Labels & Stickers, available anywhere. The selection is really to broad to adequately feature in this article so we would invite you to visit this link for the most up-to-date product listings. Our online catalog is easily navigated by clicking “OK” and then using the Search Tool or clicking the “Hamburger Icon” in the top right corner for an index of the products.

Our supplier ships from the US and really is the biggest and most experienced anywhere. While the products shown are in US currency for budgetary purposes, we can bill in Canadian or US Currency. Some orders may also be printed in Canada, depending on the item. Many of our items are printed in Canada whenever possible in order to bring you the best price and service available.

Decals & Stickers

Stock Shape & Customs size Decals
Full Color Square or Rounded corners
Die-cut White, Yellow, Clear or Metallic Vinyls
Ultra Removable, Permanent or Outdoor
Matte, Clear Removable
Static Cling
Extended Life & Premium Custom Vinyls
Rough Surface & High Tack Custom
High Definition Resolution
Double-sided custom Window Decals
Premium Custom Helmet and Flag Decals
Chrome & Gold Polyester
Brushed Chrome
White Reflective
Destructible and Tamper Evident
Write-on Nameplates
Plastic Nameplates
Full Colour Custom Wall
Dry Erase
Stay Safe Stock Floor and Carpet Decals
Floor and Carpet Custom
Truck & Equipment Signs
Hard Hat Decals
Domed Decals
Clear Window Decals
Inside Removable Window Decals
Permanent Adhesive Identification Decals
Retail Clothing Hang Tags
Beer Stickers
Keg Collars and Wraps
Appointment Reminder Cards
Temporary Waterless Tattoos
Sticker Sheets
Tech Tattoos
Postcard Stickers

Roll & Die-Cut Labels

Die Cut Roll Labels
Value priced 2-colour Roll Labels
Foil Seals, Gold, Silver or White
Butt-cut Square Corner Roll labels
Custom Die Cut roll labels
BOPP Permanent Adhesive Product Labels
Water Bottle Labels
Quick & Colourful fast turnaround Sheet labels
No Pin, Fabric Friendly Adhesive Stickers
Repositionable Roll Labels
Wearable Lapel and Badge Stickers – Stock Shaped Badges
Stamped Foil Seals
Embossed Foil Seals
Holiday Stickers and Children’s Sticker Sheets
Water-Activated, Reinforced Tamper Evident Box Tape

Bumper Stickers

The industry’s only Ultra-removable adhesive, Strong On, Easy off
Car-Stickers, Safe for your whole car. Brilliant, full colour.
High Definition Bumper Stickers
Clear Bumper Stickers
Custom Shapes
Automotive Sticker Sheets

Full Color Magnets

Business Card Magnets
Large, economical full colour magnets
Schedule Magnets
Save the Date Magnets
Small Stock Shapes
Medium Stock Shapes
Large Stock Shapes
Sports Magnets
Ribbon Magnets
Bumper Sticker Magnets
Car Magnets
Durable Outdoor Custom Shaped Magnets

Remember, we can print on just about any type of puzzle, sign, magnet, stickers, vinyl or styrene product that you can imagine. Whatever your need send us an inquiry and let us see what we can up with, at a price that won’t break the bank. Don’t forget, the price list in US$ is at the beginning of this article and contains thousands of popular options which are perfectly suited for your particular application.

I wish I could count the number of times people have called me to express their total satisfaction with the imprint quality and appearance of their order. It is very difficult for small print shops with limited equipment to be able to compete with us in this field. Their overhead is just too high and they don’t have the volume required to be able to offer competitive pricing and still be able to pay for their expensive equipment which is often less than adequate to handle many compexities of some order requests presented to them.

For this reason, consider us first for your large volume, or even low volume orders of 1000 pieces or more, or less, depending on the size and complexity. Our contact information may be found at the bottom of every page on our website.

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