Custom Tire Valve Caps Distributor, Calgary Canada

Unsightly, air wasting, embarrassing Tire Valves be-gone!

Your customers will beam with pride know that their valve caps are perfectly presentable and dressed to-the-tee, as they drive around in your own customized Tire Valve Caps.   With a price point of around $5.00 these Tire Valve Caps are sure to be treasured.  Here is an example of how one company in the rental car business, brilliantly cashed in on their potential customers on the road.

Tire Valve Caps

Tire Valve Caps

The Tire Valve Caps come in an attractive gift pouch.  These are also perfect for tire stores who gladly install them on their new wheels and tires so their customers will always come back.

And who says you have to give these away.  Why not offer them for sale at a mark-up to your retail customer?

These Tire Valve Caps are so hot they may end up walking away and your customers will be back to buy a set retail.

In any case, someone will be coveting these prize car jewels for a long time to come, and will always know where they came from.  Order yours today!

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