Lilydale Profit Markup Wheel Calculator
4.25" & 6" Profit Markup Wheel Calculators

Profit Calculators – Custom Markup Wheels

Custom Profit Wheels are popular in the retail trades and they make a great estimating tool for contractors who are out on the road.  They are lightweight, affordable and easily mailed out.  The Profit wheels Calculators may be printed using spot colours or with high-resolution full-colour printing on the front and back.  The wheels are constructed from 20 mil white vinyl.

Copy changes can be done in batches of 250 pieces or more, for those companies wishing to personalize them for their employees, or companies wishing to offer combined ordering.  Production time on the Profit Mark-up Wheels is just 10 days after artwork approval and it takes about three days to get a proof out.  There are big savings on larger orders.  The minimum order quantity is just 250 pieces.  The Profit-Mark-up Wheels are available in 4 1/4” or 6” diameters. The Minimum order quantity is 250 pieces.

Cakes Unlimited Profit Calculator
Reverse Printing on large outer wheel

The Profit Margin Calculators are printed at the factory here in Canada. They print both wheels at the same time. The gradients are added at the same time as the rest of the printing. It is not necessary to worry about the markings in your artwork since they are standard – unless you have unique needs. Ask us first because there is a pretty good chance that we will have done them before. (A custom scale for example)

Profit Calculator with Full Colour Printing

Click on the link for Canadian MSRP Pricing. Please call us for a quote.   

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