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Chipboard Boxes

Custom Boxes in any shape or any size and are wonderful for pulling together a presentation to include different elements of a campaign. The boxes come with pre-designed themes that can be modified by the addition of your graphic and or message. Alternately, you may design and implement your 100% unique customized artwork using our templates designed for that purpose. ( A good graphic artist is strongly recommended for complex designs as a box template can be complicated. The minimum order quantity of printed promotional boxes is just 250 pieces and delivery is about 14 business days.   Assembly is required. Chipboard boxes start off white on both the inside and the outside.

B-Flute Custom Presentation Boxes

Avnet Custom Presentation  Box - Cardboard Suitcase with Plastic Handle
B-Flute Box with Plastic Handle with Stock Suitcase Graphic

When you see the term B Flute or E Flute reference, this indicates a type of cardboard use – not the box design. When talking about flutes, we are talking of the little tubes running through the cardboard which gives the cardboard its strength. Our fluted custom boxes are primarily B or E Flute.

Top Secret Briefcase Custom Presentation Box
Top Secret B Flute Cardboard Box

“B” Flute cardboard is the perfect combination of strength and style. It has a higher resistance to punctures than the other flutes and usually consumes less space than the regular “C” Flute. It is most often used for custom boxes that have to be durable but also need to have some style. Generally used for stand up displays or ballot boxes. The B-Flute box uses 44-50 – 1/8″ flutes per foot. It is notably heavier than the E-flute. You may expect to see the white B-Flute Boxes in a warehouse because they are often used for shipping parts. When you buy a keyboard from Memory Express, however, it is likely packaged in an E-Flute Box.

Miniature Cardboard Tool Box with Plastic Handle
Toolbox Designed Fluted Cardboard Box

“E” Flute is the most lightweight of all the types of corrugated cardboard. It is a stronger alternative to paperboard and performs great when used for die-cut designs. “E” Flute has a superior printing surface and works best when used as software packaging or point of purchase boxes. The E-Flute box has 86-94 1/16″ flutes per foot. You may utilize the stock designs featured in many of these photos on any type of box. We just need to modify the art a bit to suit the box.

E-Flute Boxes

Logi Info E-Flute Box, As seen on TV
E-Flute Printed Box

Custom Bankers Box

Preferred Records Managment & Shredding Miniature File Storage Box
Laminated 20 pt. Bankers File Box

4 1/2″ x 3″ x 3″ File box. Liquid laminated for a high gloss finish. Made from 20 pt., high-density white paper board. Shipped unassembled. Quick turn, just ask. A truly unique promotional item sure to enjoy repeat usage. Available with scratch-off dot. 7 Day production time.

A point is equal to 1/72 inch. To be extremely precise, 1 point is equal to .013836 inch, so 72 points are actually .996264 or you could round to 1 inch.

If you aren’t sure which material to use on your custom box, we can make a recommendation based on your intended purpose and design. Some common sense should be used when establishing what is to be put into the box. For example, you might not want to real tools in a cardboard box. They are not designed to carry that kind of load, and it is why real toolboxes are made from steel. You may use the stock design

Please call us today with your inquiry. Tell us what your plans are so that we can come up with a solution.

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