Cross Stratford in Gift Box
Cross Stratford in Gift Box

Stratford Ballpoint Pen Laser Engraved with Logo

Cross Stratford Ballpoint Pens are a distinctly unique entry-level lineup of Cross Pens. The next generation of Cross value products. A smooth distinguished silhouette with all the historical charm of classic Cross products.  The Stratford comes only in a Ballpoint Pen and may be embellished using Cap Personalization, Laser etch, Deep Cut engraved, printed or Emblem. The pens are shipped in a Premium Gift Box.

If you’ve been thinking Cross Custom Pens for your next brand awareness campaign but did not have the budget for some of the styles, the Stratford is an excellent option for you. The Stratford line offers only three models so your selection is fairly limited. I have never really gone for pens with a smooth finish because they tend to slide down when I write. The Satin Chrome is nice but I always will go for the Satin Black. For a low-cost pen with a great deal of prestige that is sure to be a winner for all of your customers. If you have ever received a Cross Pen as a gift you will know exactly what I mean.

Cross Stratford Customized Pens

Cross stratford chrome ballpoint pen
Cross Stratford Chrome Ballpoint Pen
Cross satin-chrome stratford ballpoint pen
Cross Satin-Chrome Stratford Ballpoint Pen
Motorola satin black stratford ballpoint pen
Cross Satin Black Stratford Ballpoint Pen

Were you aware that when you order 24 silkscreened or die-cast emblems, they will be kept on stock for up to two years and can be combined with different pen classes to improve your efficiencies and decrease costs? Did you know that there are 12 standard die-cast emblem shapes and 65 standards silkscreened shapes to choose one that best fits your logo design?

Emblems may be given vertical or horizontal placement at your request. Custom shaped emblems are available and quoted upon request, based on the artwork that you submit for quotation.

Cross stratford printing options
Cross Stratford Embellishment Options
Cross pen premium gift box
Premium Gift Box
Click on the link for Canadian MSRP Pricing. Please call us for a quote.   

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