Coin Holders, Plastic, Classic Old Style, Promotional Calgary

Since 1951, the original, classic  coin holder remains recognized around the world…even selected as one of five products of the Century.

Effective Uses of the Coin Holder

  • Classic mobile branding platform triggers memories.
  • Great branding tool to target baby boomer and generation X demographics.
  • Useful for coins, guitar picks and more…generating ad impressions for years.
  • Easy and economic to package and distribute or mail.

Coin Holder Print Method

  • Guaranteed permanent, precise spot color imprint w/high gloss finish.
  • Standard spot color imprint options on one or two sides

Coin Holder Material

  • Durable, soft and flexible Sof-Touch™ original Vinyl.
  • 19 eye-catching, stock product colors.
  • Compliant with state and federal product safety regulations.

Coin Holder Production Time

  • Standard 7 Working Days

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