Balsa Wood Airplanes, Custom Printed

Balsa Wood Airplanes  are quoted on request.  They are affordable and light-weight.  Prices vary depending on location, quantity, imprint colors, etc.

A.   Glider (8″ Wingspan); 8″ wingspan (20.32 cm). Can be flown indoors or outdoors. A perfectly proportioned glider designed for maximum air lift. All parts smoothly machined – no die-cut parts. Individually packaged in sealed poly bag. Minimum Order 500 pieces.  *12 stock design imprints of this model only may be utilized with order quantities of 250 pieces.

Catalog image, balsa wood airplanes - mascoma savings bank
A. Best Seller

B.  Balsa Wood Airplanes –  Glider (9″ Wingspan); 9″ wingspan (22.86 cm). A sleek “air superiority” flyer with printed tail surfaces and pilot canopy. Easy to loop and soar. Individually packaged in sealed poly bag.

Catalog image, balsa wood airplanes - first flight imprint
B. 9″ Wingspan

C.  Balsa Wood Airplanes –  Glider (12″ Wingspan); Best Flyer! 12″ wingspan (30.48 cm). Super smooth flying glider with the lines of a high flying soaring plane. Has printed tail surfaces and pilot canopy. Individually packaged in sealed poly bag.

Catalog photo, balsa wood airplanes - elmira savings bank
C. – 12″ Gilder

D.  12″ Balsa Wing Glider.  A Canard Glider that has long distance flights. Has printed tail surfaces and pilot canopy. Complete with a durable red plastic nose weight. Easy to assemble and flies great! Use as giveaways at sales meetings, trade shows or company picnics. Balsa airplane package size: 3″W x 13 1/2″L. 12″ W

Catalog photo - eagle airlines balsa wing glider
D. Flies Long Distances

E.  Balsa Wood Airplane Propeller Plane; Most fun! 12″ wingspan (30.48 cm). The newest addition to our balsa airplane advertising line is this exciting propeller motor plane. Complete with a durable propeller and elastic motor. Minimum order 250 pieces.

Catalog photo - ingersoll rand balsa glider with propeller
E. Most Fun Glider

The Balsa Wood Airplane  Toy Gliders will provide hours of fun and enjoyment by children of all ages.  Stock design imprints available on 8” glider as follows:  Merry Christmas, Happy St. Patrick’s Day, Happy Halloween, Happy Birthday, Celebrate with us a Loving Marriage Ceremony, Graduation, Baseball, Soccer, Summer Recreation, Football, Hockey, Bowling.  Custom Text on Right Wing.