Baby on Board Window Decal
Static-Cling Vinyl Decal

Baby-on-Board signs, custom printed

The Baby on Board sign featured above is actually a vinyl cling window decal. We offer both the suction-type hanging Baby-on-Board style window signs designed for you in your car and also the white vinyl, static-faced window decal.

Baby-on-Board Signs with Suction Cup

Baby on Board Sign with Suction Cup
5 x 5 Baby on Board Sign

All of the signs, be it the suction cup style or static cling style come in a 5 x 5″ diamond shape or square shape, depending on how you print it. The suction-cup style signs are made from .040″ white styrene and the suction cup is 7/8″ diameter.

Custom Shape Window Signs with Suction Cup

St. Catharines Warriers Custom Shape Sign
Custom Shape Suction Window Sign

The window signs and static-cling decals are also offered in any custom shapes up to 24 Sq. inches. without setup charges. Signs with a cut-out may be slightly more.

Copy changes are available in lots of 250 pieces, which is also the minimum order size. Assembly of the suction cup onto the sign is available at a very modest cost.

Square Baby on Board Sign with Suction Cup

Here is the same 5 x 5 x .040 styrene window sign but turned slightly so that it hangs square. The signs usually ship within 10 business days of proof approval. They can be printed in spot colours with full bleed edges or in full colour with striking clarity.

They are printed on one side only but double-sided printed on either the sign or static-cling decal is available by special request and quote at a slight upcharge. The signs and decals can also be personalized or consecutively numbered so there is lots of flexibility to be creative.

Political Signs & Multi-purpose signs

Consider these window signs multi-functional because there are many causes and scenarios which will be perfectly well suited by their usage. Charities, Clubs and Associations, political action and election signs are all good examples of the type of mileage you can get from these signs. They don’t damage your car either, like some of the poorly designed stickers which are sold by other firms for this purpose.

Per exposure, window-mounted signs are lower in cost than a lawn sign or another type of sign and people may actually dwell on your message for a much longer period because they are already inundated with billboard-style signs.

Click on the link for Canadian MSRP Pricing. Please call us for a quote.   

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